I would love to tell you that fall is officially here but we live in Texas and most days are still in the 90’s here and I’m still sporting flip flops…either way in the rest of the world its fall and on top of that its officially the last 90 days of 2019.

WOW. ONLY 90 Days left in this year. Where did it go? Isn’t that how we always end up reflecting on the year at certain points?

Reflection can go one of two ways. You can look at those 90 days and think of all the things you haven’t accomplished this year OR you can do the opposite.

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Reflection for me has been finding perspective in my season. I’ve read so much about the Rachel Hollis 90 day Challenge over the last two years. She talks about 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to change your life. The theory of starting the year on the 20th floor rather than the first.

That theory sounds amazing, But for some of us we are in seasons where its not all possible. Five to thrive can seem hard. My season of healing doesn’t allow me to workout 30 minutes a day and waking up an hour earlier sounds like a dream when I can finally get my two year old sleeping through the night. So what if you made your own? I decided I had too. I might not start 2020 on the the 20th floor but I sure as hell will be starting it feeling like a better person. A better version of myself.

My Five to Thrive

Right now I’m talking to you Mommas. The ones that want to start the first of 2020 on the 20th floor but maybe your feeling like your held up in the basement. Like you don’t even have the initial tools to get you TO the lobby.

My challenge to you these next 90 days is to shift your perspective and thats it. Sure drink water, workout, find gratitude (always do that!), get up early, and give up a food that you shouldn’t be having….But DON’T FORGET TO CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE.

If you follow me on social media you saw my post yesterday on perspective. I’ve been in a big ol season of healing which I’ll update y’all on later this week. I’m going through one of those “No one puts baby in a corner” moments, lol and my perspective has no choice but to totally change. I’ve got to find the good in it or I’m gonna find myself stuck in a shit hole.

Perspective changes can be hard. Just like the five to thrive your going to have to work at it. I’ve been making these five to thrive changes for years actually after reading the Miracle Morning two years ago but I warn if  you don’t change your perspective on the process the entire process is going to suck.

I encourage all my followers to do a 90 day challenge to end 2019 with a bang. Maybe its nothing more than changing your perspective, your attitude, your mentality, drinking more water or not yelling at your husband as much lol.

Whatever it is make it your own! Tag me in them on social media (@selfishmomproject) or post them below!