My Self Love Reset is officially a wrap. Except for it’s not at all. 🙂 This last month was pretty darn good. I’ve felt better than I have in a long time. For years I’ve focused on working out and eating clean and YES those are key to a healthy body but they don’t fix all the ‘problems’ life sometimes throws at us. When I found myself slipping into depression I knew I had to take serious action. Life was about to get more crazy with another baby coming, not more relaxing. I knew I needed to take control of what was going on inside my mind and soul and fix that in hopes of fixing my family as well.

In the last 31 days of these reset I’ve learned:

1. To be Present – Being present over the month was a HUGE huge goal of mine. For the last couple of years I’ve focused on hitting goals in my business and in the process I wasn’t able to really break apart work time and family time the way I needed to. Hitting numbers was so important to me that when I didn’t do that I became super stressed and often the ones who suffered were my kiddos.  It literally breaks my heart to admit that but I promise to always be honest here. I took this month off to concentrate on my kiddos. I said no to work things/parties/sports/after school activities, didn’t respond as fast as I normally would to emails, I put my phone down,  I really focused on what was needed from me at home and getting us in a good place. Just being present whether that was a movie or legos.  I will say there were some rough days but we not only had fun, BUT I actually enjoyed my kids – Something else I hadn’t done in a long time. Of course I wasn’t perfect and there were times I really had to reel myself in and reminded myself what my goal for the month was – Being Present.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 5.03.34 PM

2. Teaching my Kids Indepence – Oh boy this might have been my favorite week 🙂 LOL The kids weren’t huge fans at first but by the end of the week they were totally on board and doing amazing. It almost felt like a vacation some days lol. By giving them things to do around the house and counting on them to take care of themselves I was given more free time to give each individual attention, study, or plug into a little work here and there. This is a principle we will definitely be working on more throughout the next couple months. Several people asked if we paid them and the answer is NO! These are responsibilities I expect them to have around the house and not expect anything monetary in return.

3. Miracle Morning – I talked a lot in earlier posts about how I really am a mom who values alone time. My hermit self needs those moments of calm to really find myself when I don’t get it, depression and resentment sets in. Each day at 5 am I started my day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY (yes even weekends). My morning included daily meditation, affirmations, visualization, personal development, journaling, and daily workouts (mostly yoga) for 10-20 minutes. This month alone I meditated for over 6 hours. My big break through meditation wise came in the last day of the month and I realized I need this daily. This is something that MUST continue to stay in my life daily. Meditation is something I am so far from mastering yet so intrigued to do daily and get better. Same with Yoga! I found the cutest little yoga studio less than five minutes from my house. They offer three prenatal classes a week, the instructors are amazing, the classes are decent sized which is great to meet such a great community. I’m excited to continue to take my yoga and meditation practice to new levels.

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4. I tried new things – I haven’t taken a yoga class in a studio since I was 17 and in that class I feel asleep. So I was a little apprehensive after only working out at home for the last three years to step into any kind of studio. I wanted to think of myself as a pro but realistically I’m not and I was terrified I’d make a fool of myself.  I found the cutest little yoga studio less than five minutes from my house. I was mostly intrigued that they offered three prenatal classes a week more than any other studio around and even better they had child care! Which I know some days I will need.  The instructors are amazing, the classes are decent sized which is great to meet a community of women all in the same situation. I left each time feeling refreshed, rested, and amazing. I think the last year of Beachbody’s online yoga classes really helped on those off days and gave me the confidence to even step into the studio.

5. I Developed a Plan – I read a lot over the last month. I finished two books one about being present and one about finding your inner light and letting it shine. I journaled through each one and wrote not from my heart but from my soul in an effort to find my place. As wives and mothers its easy to loose our way. As much as I want to be present with my children I also want to not miss out on living my life to my full potential that God made for me. I truly believe both can be done. The kinks I’m still working on, but the over all goal on where I really see my life going is changing a lot and I’m excited to keep working on it bit by bit and announce it to you guys in the coming weeks. So stay tuned. <3


Overall the month was far from perfect but equally amazing at the same time. I can’t really describe HOW I feel. The words are hard but calmer and refreshed comes to mind. I have so much work todo but rather than over whelm me I’m excited to start a new journey of digging in super deep. As wives and mothers or just people in general we often miss the mark on taking care of ourselves not just physically but mentally too. We reach that breaking point, loose control and find ourselves trying to find a way to crawl out of whatever emotional circumstances we are in. Thats where I found myself the end of April and the progress I’ve made over the last month, emotionally, has been incredible.

To join me as I continue this journey send me a quick email with “I’m ready for a Reset!” in the subject line to Get ready to change your life, feel refreshed, and find your inner calm.