I’m amazed at the places that God takes my life.

I also find it interesting the way he gets me there sometimes. LOL. Lets just say its never the dull and boring way. Sometimes I wouldn’t mind the dull and boring way…but again I trust that his way is better and it usually makes for a better story anyway.

Last week in the Selfish Mom Movement fb page I officially launched my first course! I was so excited for the launch. But I felt a bit off for the whole day not able to really get around it I still pushed forward went live and officially launched it. After still not feeling great…off…maybe a little down for multiple reason, I went to bed feeling heavy. I had not delivered my best self to a group of women who I am incredibly passionate about.

The next morning I woke up feeling horrible. Like death. I powered through the first half of the day but started fading quickly. Thankfully my husband was able to scoop in and take on everything. I mean EVERYTHING. He took care of all three kids and bathed and fed them. He made sure they made it to birthday parties. He made sure they got tucked into bed each night. He woke up with the baby all night long. He took care of me. Forced me to eat. He was a saint.

At one point my fever got super high. Like really high. I remember being so out of it but I had a really weird dream that night. I won’t go into all of it but in my dream my body was getting ready for something really big. I had to be sick. Being sick cleared out these toxins from my body. My body needed to be literally stripped in order to go to the next step. Stripped to move forward.

The last couple days have sucked! LOL Honestly I have never been in this much pain in my life and I’m still not feeling 100%. But one realization I had was that before I could officially start this course, before I could move to the next step in I needed to be detoxed. Unfortunately for me this came in the form of strep.

I have rid my body of all toxins over the last five days and although I feel like crap still I have found myself more at ease, my skin is so clear, my body feels lighter and craves water, my hair is shining more, I feel more patient. I feel like I want more of all these things.

So it gave me the idea that until our course starts and for the duration of the course I’ll continue this impromptu detox. No alcohol, early bed times, limited caffeine, lots of water, more yoga and meditation, more time for creativity and less time worrying. More snuggles with my kids and less time stressing about work…there will be time for that. More epsom salt baths, hot tea and books, less wine…way less wine. The things that maybe I was seeing as my morning and evening crutches weren’t serving me and weren’t allowing me to put my best self out there. I need a break 🙂 Its time to love up on this body. Make it better. Treat it good.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be trying some new and fun things to continue to detox all toxins. Trying so new yoga classes :), seeing my first therapist, reiki, doing a float session (so excited about this!), getting my first facial, getting infrared sauna treatments, trying out a new fitness class. I’m excited.


To come into this course as my clearest self. My best self. Thats what my clients deserve from me and what my family deserves from me.