Well this has been a *fun* year eh?

I’ve been absent from the writing/blogging world but for good reason.

2020 presented me (as I’m sure it did most of you) with numerous challenges and storms. It felt easier to take a step back and focus on the health and well being of my family (kids) and myself. I needed to slow down and just be, however that’s exactly what wasn’t happening.

I June, while on vacation we lost our precious dog. Though it doesn’t seem super life altering situation, I found myself dreading the idea of going back to Dallas to a home that didn’t feel like home and a piece of our family missing. I remember driving along the beach and looking over at Dino and telling him, “Okay I think I’m ready, let’s move to Colorado.”

See my family (Dino, Sophia, and Jay) have been trying hard the last couple years to get me to move to their dream state of Colorado. I wasn’t so much on board for a multitude of reasons and then one day after a lot of reflection I knew it was time for some serious change.

Our house was already on the market, when you married to a home builder this is ofter the life, and we talked as a family and made plans to officially begin a new adventure in Summer of 2020. I prayed very hard about the process and told God if you want this to happen, you’ve got to make it happen. With in two weeks our house was sold and we were essentially homeless in Dallas. With schools looking like they may never open and me knowing good and well virtual was not for us, I started scoping out Colorado for the perfect little town.

On August 31st, one day after my birthday I loaded up my mom and three kids for a one way car trip to our new hometown of Evergreen, Colorado.

In the 15 days since I have been in Colorado it has been a wild ride. I have seen over 100 Elk in my yard, had several inches of snow, hiked with three kids, maneuvered three new schools (also three different start & end times), adjusted to altitude and drastic weather changes, and see more wild life in my back yard that most people see at a zoo.

Its been wild. And not always easy.

If I’m being honest, and I am. Colorado wasn’t my first place to move to.

Colorado scares the shit out of me if we are really being honest. Its filled with things I don’t love like the cold, small, windy roads, things that are really high, skiing, and wild life that knows no barriers (and also loves your trash). Did I mention my husband is still commuting back and forth to Dallas weekly?

But as the saying says “Nothing great ever comes from your comfort zone.”

And so here I am.

Essentially starting over. Starting over in a new (much much smaller town). Starting over in the friends department (have you tried to make friends in a world of Covid, social distancing and mask yet?). Starting over in essentially every aspect of my life, including my career.

The first week was the hardest. I cried a lot. I felt like I just couldn’t find my footing. I saw my children automatically thriving in every aspect of this move and felt like I was falling behind. On the outside Colorado was wild and exciting and beautiful – the perfect fit…but I have been too busy focusing on the lack, the differences, and the fear it brought to me.

I felt like I was in a bit of a snow globe movement after a two year old had its way with it. But as every snow globe does it started to settle and in two short weeks here I’ve realized this new adventure is an opportunity to completely rediscover, reinvent, discover the magic of new beginnings, adventure, and Mother Nature’s beauty.

With the start of a new scholastic year I can’t think of a better time than to reintroduce you to the space. A space that is not only designed to remind you the importance of fully loving yourself and find life outside of being a mother, but also giving you the tools needed to enter that sacred space of self love.

Knowing my own need to rediscover my own true love for myself and new adventure, I hope you will check back in, follow my journey, and find inspiration in the art of self love.