I’ve had a lot of people ask me recently about this whole “Selfish Mom” thing.

How could it possibly be okay to be ‘Selfish’ and why am I bragging about it? Answering all your questions today!

What is a selfish mom? 

A selfish mom is someone who cares deeply for her family but she understands the importance of taking care of herself. She takes moments throughout the day to lift herself up, give herself some praise, and take care of herself in all capacities (mind, body, soul).

What are Selfish Mom Self Love Languages? 

I’ve had PPD terrible after each of my kids. What I realized was how common it is with thousands of moms. I also realized that for me personally I was feeling resentful to those around me and my family because I wasn’t taking care of myself in the capacity I needed to. I feel there are FOUR universal self love languages as moms we need to have met in order to take care of those around us and present our best selves: EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL, PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL. These are about doing the nitty gritty work to feel our best.

What are Bonus Selfish Mom Moments? 

Well these are the fun stuff 🙂 these are the girls nights, facials, massage, mani/pedi. These are the things we LOVE to do. Often they can’t be done everyday, but man when they do happen its like pure joy <3

How do I join this amazing group of Mommas?! 

Our Selfish Mom Movement is 100% completely FREE! We are a group of over 1,200 (and growing daily!) Mom’s who share our selfish moments that make us feel good!

How do I show I’m a “selfish mom” and proud of it!? 

Our inventory is growing more soon but right now we currently have workout tanks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and coffee mugs (bc Moms <3 Coffee)! Grab some swag and show your selfish Momma pride! Check out the online store HERE.

How do I get MORE?! I’ve joined to Selfish Mom Movement, Got my tee….I need more!

Wait no longer! Its here!

My clients have been asking so now you shall receive! I am officially opening up shop this spring taking virtual and in person clients starting March 6th. I’ve been wanting to do this FOREVER and have prayed and prayed about it and now I’m ready! Clients will be able to book:

*Free 30 Minute Selfish Mom Coaching Session (first time clients only): Get to know you call, establish intentions for working together, what are your goals, 1-2 steps to work towards achieving them.

* Selfish Mom Coaching Session (45 min): How to use and establish self love languages, goals + steps and timeline to achieving them.

*Virtual Personal Training Session (60 Min): health & fitness goals, accountability e-workbook, work on individual plan for achieving fitness goals including: meal planning and workouts. We together work on a fool-proof plan to get  you looking and feeling your best.

Whats next for the Selfish Mom Project? 

The future for this movement is so exciting! We are continually adding more people to the group. I will be hosting a four week course involving health, fitness, nutrition, and those selfish mom love languages in April (more details to come!). I’m excited to take my business and this movement to the next level! My goal has always been to help all the Mom’s out there feel their best and fill their cup.

So the future is amazing you could say right?!  My heart is over joyed in the direction of all this and I can’t wait to work with so many of you!