I swore to myself I would write every day on this blog and share my journey through motherhood, life, marriage, and personal training but like it happens with most people LIFE has happened and the last couple weeks, months, have just been super chaotic.

So what’s been going on….

First off baby (still a boy) is doing amazing. We recently went in for an anatomy sonogram and they were able to confirm that yes he is still a boy and yes he is indeed big. At 17 weeks and 6 days we was measuring in at 16.23 cm and almost a pound! Much bigger compared to our other kiddos! Which I won’t lie scares the hell out of me. LOL! We are starting to feel kicks and punches. This is certainly our LAST baby and I’m taking time each day to reflect and enjoy every single moment of this pregnancy knowing I won’t be doing it again. Little man still has no name, but we have some ideas and are getting closer to everyone just falling in love with the name I have picked. <3


I’ve had LOTS of questions of people asking me about my health, fitness, and nutrition during this time and I promise to be dedicating a day each week from here on out where I will post more in depth on what I’m doing to stay healthy, maintain weight, and prepare for baby.



Also people have been asking if I’m still pursuing Personal Training…Short answer YES! Long answer is that its taken me a little more time than I would have liked due to first trimester sickness and exhaustion. I plan on taking the final test at the end of next month and moving right on to the nutrition certification aspect as well. I never thought this would be where my life would take me but I’m so thankful that I found a love for all things healthy three years ago and with hard work and dedication I’m so excited to see where all it takes me in the next year. We have HUGE plans as a family for my fitness business that I will hopefully be sharing more about later this year. In the mean time I’m focusing on the road ahead and passing my NASM test and begin working with clients locally and internationally in the coming months.

So thats it! Life in a nutshell. We are entering our busy crazy season as a family. I love it. I love watching our kiddos grow and learn new techniques in soccer, karate, musical theater, gymnastics…what ever they are doing that day. My intent was to always use this blog as a resource to voice my passion, love, advice, motivation, business, pregnancy,and motherhood and I hope to become so much better about it over the coming months as this is when I really need this outlet more than ever!



Thanks for being patient with me <3 I promise to do better.

XOXO ~ Rachael