What a year #amiright? 

Congratulations you have made it to October of 2020! I’m pretty sure this is like level 8 in Jumanji, so that’s a pretty big deal. 

In all seriousness though, what a year it has been. Whether good or bad I think we can all agree on that.

I can also tell you I’m about to turn your last part of 2020 around for the best. 

Moving to Colorado slowed my roll a bit but after officially unpacking my last box this weekend, I’m officially ready to dive head first into work. AND I’m ready to fill you in on all that is getting ready to start happening over here! 

Every year for the last (almost) SEVEN years I have held an accountability group for Mom’s, yes even before this little Selfish Mom Project existed I was holding these groups …This year I’m ready to not only do it again but take it to THE NEXT LEVEL! 

Us Mom’s have had a hellavu year. Between juggling new roles, homeschooling, and living in a virtual world, we deserve the opportunity to recommit to ourselves. That’s right RECOMMIT TO OURSELVES. 

I can’t think of a better time than now for a group like this. A group allowing us to FIND OURSELVES in a whole new way. In a whole new world. 

Have you bought THE SELFISH MOM PROJECT: 60 DAY GUIDE TO BEING SELFISH & FINDING YOURSELF yet? If yes perfect, your half way there! If not you can order HERE or HERE. 

Three years ago I started this ‘project’ as a way to get myself out of PPD. The initial goal was to just make a commitment to do something for myself daily for 60 days. The experience was SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! In 60 days of focusing just a bit on myself I was able to reconnect spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically AND socially. I got uncomfy, found there were things I loved that I didn’t know I did, found a whole new passion for life and GUESS WHAT? I was a hellavu lot better mom at the end of the day because of all of it. I found the enjoyment in small moments of silence, a good sweat session, a face mask, a lunch date solo, and started treasuring every moment with my children. 

My cup was full. 

Actually it was overflowing with love and gratitude not only for myself but for those around me (my family). 

On November 1st, 2020 I’m going to be sharing socially MY THIRD Selfish Mom Project and I want you to join me. This group won’t cost you a fortune, you don’t need much and I promise you it is the transformation and inspiration that all of us need right now! 
The group last for 60 days and total cost TILL OCTOBER 22nd is $60 (yes I know only a dollar a day, that’s less than coffee!). After the 22nd the price goes up to $120. My plan is to only offer this group TWICE a year and this will be the LOWEST I ever offer it. Also you are going to need a copy of my book, so if you don’t have that yet grab it HERE
I forgot to add the that the first TEN (10) people to sign up get a special surprise from me.

If you are READY to join me on a 60 day journey lets go! Just click HERE to get settled and answer a questionnaire and you’re in!

Not quite ready? No worries! If you don’t mind though forward this message on to somebody you know might need it! Always available to answer any questions before you commit at rtapper@selfishmomproject.com