I’m a couple days late (LIFE) but I have to share a little weekend recap with you guys. This was the first weekend since September where we had no plans. No soccer games, birthday parties, dinners, nothing. It was glorious. The weather man called for showers all weekend but we got lucky and it was a gorgeous weekend filled with some sun and some clouds. IMG_6827

Saturday we went to the Dallas Farmers Market. I’m obsessed with farmers markets. I love all the colors and smells there. Everything seems brighter, more colorful, and tastier when its home grown. The outside pavilion is loaded with fresh produce and other local vendors from our area selling their goods. We had to stop and pet every single dog, lol so that made the experience take twice as long to go through. There is a second pavilion that’s kinda like a warehouse all enclosed. Inside were local restaurants and shops. The food all smelled amazing and the shops were so cute! We found the cutest onzie for our little plot twist as we like to call him. Can’t wait to go back here on a date night and try these delicious restaurants, with our focus on whole foods this week we decided to say no.



Sunday was slow moving. I love going to church on Sunday mornings but Sophia woke up with a sore throat and so we decided to just stay home and take it easy. Thankfully she started feeling better and we met friends for a bike ride at the park and then popsicles after. Popsicles are my obsession lately and if you are in the Dallas area and haven’t yet tried Steel City Pops you MUST! They are organic and most of them are pretty low in calorie.

I ended the weekend with the most amazing, much needed, yoga session at my new favorite place We Yogis. One thing I’m really loving about this studio is the community that is there. This studio is not what I would recommend for beginners, but I kinda like that too. After yoga I met some mom friends for a glass of wine to chat about our upcoming mother-daughter camping trip in a couple weeks. After being on point with my food all week I indulged in cheese fries and I’m not even sad about it, they were so good.

I’m heading into week four of my Self Love Reset and after such a great weekend I wasn’t really sure what I was being called to work on this week. That didn’t last long though and realized quickly Monday morning (after more signs than I would like to admit!) I was being called to work even more on my patients. Patients with my kids, my husband, life in general. Lets just say there have been plenty of opportunities for me falter on this one this week.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 8.03.24 AM

As always, thanks for reading my journey! Its not always exciting but I’m always eager to share in hopes that it can help just one person. Excited for the next couple weeks and sharing some amazing business ideas and workshops I have been working on with the world and making them available for you!