img_4787The many faces of me today because I literally think I’ve gone through every emotion possible. If you have been following me on social media you saw that last week announced we had the biggest unplanned surprise joining our family in August. Last week at our 12 week appointment we got to see our precious baby and through a sonogram we were informed baby T was 98% a girl.

Today all of our testing came back and we were told we have a healthy baby BOY 💙 on the way. 😂

I said earlier that my motto for the year is to ‘Fully trust in Gods plan.’ I’ve also learned a lot recently that doesn’t always align with ours. My word of the year is F L O W… something I’m not good at is ‘going with the flow’.  I’m a planner. The minute the shock of finding out I was pregnant wore off I went immediately into planning mode. I didn’t stop and really enjoy the process, I jumped to planning. Coming up with a new plan. A plan that for the last week involved everything pink and covered In hair bows. Not really trusting that STILL God might just have a different plan for our sweet baby.


I think I have done an equal amount of crying and laughing today. I’m so thankful to #1 just be lucky enough to have a healthy baby coming please don’t think I’m not! Though this has been quite the ride so far, babies are always blessings. #2 though my mastermind planning has failed me again😂 This just goes to show that my motto of letting Jesus take the wheel this year has to happen. I need to sit back quit planning, enjoy this roller coaster of a life, be present in Gods plan, and embrace a journey of things unplanned.

This little guy has done nothing but surprise me every step of the way. What an interesting life it already is with him, excited to sit back and see where else he takes us. 💙 #boymomforlife