I’ve been getting lots of questions from followers and readers asking if I’m still working out…the answer is YES! The second part of that answer is that its changed a lot from my early days of being able to bust out a hard cardio workout and not being able to make my weekly yoga classes and be in my own tiny home gym. With the house reno’s (hopefully an update this week on that!) we have been moving from place to place and life has been a little chaotic. The last 10 days my workouts haven’t happened at all and my body is feels it. Its screaming for a good cardio/yoga/weight lifting session, but its also screaming for sleep so you can imagine which one is winning.

Making the conscious effort this week to get back at this week and make it a priority again because the benefits of working out while pregnant far out way the need for taking two naps a day.

Some benefits of working out while pregnant:

  • Better Sleep ( I need all of this!)
  • Boost your energy (I haven’t even started nesting yet so Momma really needs this!)
  • Lower Risk of some pregnancy related Complications
  • Reduce discomfort
  • Reduce stress and lift spirits
  • Easier to get your body back after pregnancy
  • Steadier weight gain throughout pregnancy

All these things above I need now more than ever entering my 31st week of pregnancy, along with cleaning up my diet from vacation. So I thought I would share with you guys my game plan for the week to ease my body back into working out from taking a 10 day break. Lots of easy cardio, yoga, and throwing some weights back in there this week. The goal for the week is to feel good and clean out my system from the junk food we have been eating.

When life gets chaotic its easy for those things that make you feel good and are good for you to be the first to go. Often those are the things your sanity and body needs the most. With a third baby on the way, life isn’t looking like its going to slow down at all actually the opposite so might as well figure out a way to work in these quick workouts now while I have the chance right!? All workouts below for the week can be done at home, with or without equipment, are easy on the joints, and done in 40 minutes or less. No need to spend hours feeling good. Thats not what your training for right now, right now we are training for that precious baby coming soon.

Pregnancy Workout

Hope this helps some of you mommas to be out there looking to feel good during a time when your body is doing some crazy weird things. I’ll be sharing more of my journey to third trimester fitness over the week and coming week! <3