Its so easy as mothers to at times feel resentful. We make sure everyone but ourselves is taken care of daily. We cook, clean, launder, taxi kids around, play a sex goddess to our spouses but at the end of the day our cup is often bone dry. For those of you ladies out there who work outside the home I can’t even imagine how dry your cup might seem somedays.

Any one else suffer from this or am I completely alone?

I find myself being resentful, being a martyr, feeling under appreciated at times. Its not my family to blame, honestly I love doing most of these things (except laundry) for them. I love that they need me. Being needed is my love language. I guess I just wish it wasn’t all the time. I wish that I demanded just a couple minutes for myself each day to fill my cup with something selfish.

So jokingly over drinks with another couple I said to my friend, “I’m starting a selfish mom movement.” Its amazing the ideas that can spark from a couple glasses of wine am I right?

<Insert> The Selfish Mom Project.

Ice Cream Party

I love a good project, especially one that focuses on my wellbeing. So what exactly am I talking about? After having Max I felt a little like all the ‘inside’ work I had done on myself the last couple year had vanished. Literally disappeared over night. I was so tired that putting two thoughts together wasn’t happening. Here was this sweet baby that needed me every second, again speaking my love language I gave in to him and everyone else in my household.  I woke up one day and found myself in three day old yoga pants, spit up in my hair, spoiled milk all over my skin and clothes, exhausted and well a husband who I’m sure was wondering where is wife went and why she cried all the time and big kids wondering where their fun loving mom was.

Determined to get my groove back, quit complaining and enjoy life more I decided to put myself in my own test group and see if being just a little selfish each day to do something I wanted to do would bring back my spark and make me a better mom and wife. The verdict is still out 🙂

On November 1st I will be starting a new 60 day journey filled with all the things I love. I so desperately love these little people and amazing husband God has blessed me with but I haven’t not been giving them the best version of myself lately. They deserve my best parts. I deserve to be my best self and feel good.

This isn’t going to be complicated things. It won’t cost tons of  money. I’ve compiled a list of 60 things I love to do. Some of them are free. Some aren’t. Some include my family and friends and some are just by myself. They are my favorite things.

This “project” will take me right up to the new year. Give me the opportunity to start completely refreshed.

I’m excited.


I’ll share weekly updates for you all about what I’m learning. What works and what doesn’t. This could be a huge revelation for all moms or it could be a complete bust, lol. We shall see. My only goal is to end this year in a state of mind that makes my cup feel a little more full and potentially inspire just one momma to do just one thing for herself daily.

Thanks for reading <3 I hope this journey inspires us both.