If your wondering if I can get any more woo, wierd or hippie on you, yes, yes I can. 

Not long after coming home from a girls trip last month my high from an amazing weekend started wearing off a bit I found myself in a huge space of stagnant energy. 

Surrendering is not my forte but I thought I had been doing my best, until I saw all the places and things in my life I was trying to force. I was trying to force books sales, event sales, I was planning a retreat and trying to force the location something fierce and wondering why nothing was getting done. All of these things that had simply fallen in my lap just days, weeks, months before I was now trying to force them into a full fruition. 

Not only was it not going the way I was planning but worse…I had to cancel an event, my sales became smaller, and well my energy level and patience with the rest of the world (family included) became almost non-existent. 

I felt a little lost. Normal me would be tirelessly on working, controlling, game-planning which yes all needs to be done BUT it was no longer serving me and instead frustrating me. Instead I should be surrendering, praying and following where ever the Lord decided to take me. 

My goal has always been to help other moms. That truly is what I believe my time on this earth is here to do. I’m not sure I’m doing my best at that even. 

So I’ve decided its time for me to take a little spiritual sabbatical

What the heck is a spiritual sabbatical? A spiritual sabbatical is about removing the busyness of life and standing still with God. 

I’ve been doing a little of this here and there but its time get serious. So though I may not be taking clients right now or promoting my book, know that right now am taking the time out to focus on what the Lord is wanting me to do and where he is wanting me to go. 

Remember that we must fill our cup with all the Selfish Mom Project Love Languages and SPIRITUAL is a huge huge part of that equation. You can’t just work on one of the love languages. You must work on them all equally.

My prayer is that I am able to come back after this deep spiritual sabbatical with something amazing to share. That I am able to heal some old wounds, stories, and negative thought patterns. That I’m able to break habits and form new healing ones and in the process I’m able to fully surrender to God and have some fun learning and experiencing new things. 

Thank you for all your support, can’t wait to share more. Would love to hear about your spiritual sabbatical if you have done one.