This project is turning into so much more than I had hoped for.

The original idea for the project was to just take the time for myself to do something fun each day. In the beginning I made a list of 60+ things I liked to do and made myself a pretty little calendar and like a workout I promised myself I would do THAT particular thing each day. By day 5 (a really rough day actually) the last thing I wanted to do was take a lush bomb bath, but here comes this Virgo controlling mess I forced myself to do it, even though I would have rather just gone to bed early. I forced myself because I had put it on that pretty little calendar I spent so much time making.

Even before that on day 1 huge revelations were made to me. I did a Theta healing session with my dearest friend Kristina Coons where the realization that I was struggling with feeling worthy of success in my life came out. The word WORTHY has plagued me this week. Showing up everywhere and today in a reike session it came up about five more times. So clear I actually saw a vision that read “SHE’S WORTHY” written in a beautiful font and backwards.

If thats not a clear sign I don’t know what is. I love signs.

I thought this whole experience was going to be a journey of adding in a fun thing each day that I liked to do but really this journey is turning into so much more than I had imagined. Its a journey back to myself and finding what that really is again. Realizing that I am worthy of so many wonderful things.

Picture drop from my last seven days

Theta Healing Session
Day 2 Create a Meditation Space I loved


Get Sweaty
Day 4 Do Something I’ve Never Done Before Hiking Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg Texas
Day 4 Cont.’d Never nursed a baby at the end of a hike! 
Day 5 Take a Lush Bomb Bath – My favorite is the Sex Bomb
Day 6 Color 
Day 7: Reiki Sessions – Healing Vibes
Baby snuggles because why not

As always thanks for reading and following my Selfish Mom Project.