First I feel obligated to clear the air to what exactly I’m doing…

Being selfish gets such a negative connotation. Really I’m not practicing being ‘selfish’ I’m practicing actually taking a step back and LIVING life. My blog was shared by a friend this week and it really put it in a better perspective for me even! The sweet friend who shared doesn’t even have kids yet still could relate. I can’t stress enough when our cup isn’t filled as a person not just a mom but as a person it’s hard to fill anyone else’s. If my form of being selfish is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

This project is for me as a wife and mom is to take a step back from what I was doing because it wasn’t working.

To go with the flow a bit because I’m horrible at this and need to work on it.

To find more compassion and grace and give not only to myself these things but give them to others as well.

To find myself again…it’s easy to get lost sometimes and forget.

To reconnect with my spiritual self. This needs to happen the most.

Picture drop of days 8 through 16

Day 8 Start and End my Day with meditation
Day 9 Get dressed in something that made me feel good and leave the house 
Day 10 Send a message to a friend you love
Day 11 Date night (with baby) with adult conversation that totally filled my cup 
Day 12 Face Mask and Super Early bedtime with a book
Day 13 Eat Something Yummy and Not feel guilty about it
Day 14 Mani/Pedi
Day 15 Hair Day – Do something edgy 🙂 
Day 16 Clean Out the Pantry but really who wants to see that so I’m showing my gorgeous house that just got its Xmas lights on! 

As always Thanks for reading! So many of you have been so supportive and sending me messages and emails about how your following suite! Its time to create a movement! Whats one thing you have done to be ‘selfish’ this week? Tag me with your hashtags #selfishmomproject