Its that time of the year again where I find myself looking for a project.

A project on myself.

I feel like I need it. My creative side needs it, this blog needs it, and with summer coming I think other moms need it.  But definitely My family needs it.

Last year when I started the Selfish Mom Project I had no clue what to expect. I think a lot of people thought I just went and got massages and mani/pedi’s every day, but that was not at all what happened.

I found that over the course of those 60 days there were 4 major areas of my life that needed attention daily.

  • My Spiritual Well Being (prayer, meditation, time with God, visualization)
  • My Physical Well Being (my ability to move my body for at least 30 minutes a day and focus on mindful eating instead of stressed/overwhelmed eating)
  • My Emotional Well Being (journal therapy, personal development books, practicing gratitude daily, affirmations)
  • My Social Well Being (being a member of society, date nights, phone calls/text/emails to friends, mom’s nights)

These were the things that when I did them, made me feel good. Sure the bonus moments are fun (an SO needed!) but these were the pieces that when met (daily!) I was actually my best self.

I really do try and fit each of these things in daily but like anyone else I too miss the mark on occasion. May is always the toughest month for me. A million sports and kids end of the year activities, all the parties, this is where I always end of putting myself on the back burner for everyone else — insert evil mean resentful mom.

Already 1/2 way through the month I decided what a great opportunity to start a NEW Selfish Mom Project and really focus on hitting these four areas of importance and growth.

Thankfully I’ve got about 1,200 Mom’s joining me this time in our Selfish Mom Movement Group. I’m excited to see what they learn. How they feel. How they GROW in unexpected ways. Would love for you to join us <3