This month is flying by! I can’t believe I’m already starting week three of my self love reset journey.

Recap of last week: We started focusing on independence in our house (mostly with the kids) and me letting go of some responsibility and teaching them simple things. Lets just say over all the week was an 8 out of 10, there were definitely some ups and downs. The ups: Kids are cleaning up after themselves, washed their own hair and even started doing dishes and asking if they can help. Downside: things take a little longer (mostly irritating to me) and by the end of the week/weekend exhaustion from the week sat in and it was harder to get them to stay engaged on what we were working on. Still lots to learn and work on but we as a family are focused on getting better and over all more calm.


We had an amazing Mother’s Day yesterday. I got lots of homemade goodies which are my favorite and stuffed my face with chips and guacamole at my parents pool. This was the first pregnancy I’ve had where I felt comfortable enough to not only rock a bikini but basically be at the pool in general. Maybe the confidence has come with age or maybe the fact that I feel better due to a healthier lifestyle. Either way I never felt confident in my past pregnancies to do this and rocked it out yesterday. I was also lucky enough to get to sneak away for an hour of prenatal yoga (my first class at a studio EVER!) and absolutely fell in love. I found it perfect when the instructor said this was a time for us to ‘reset’…Ummm the perfect sign considering thats my word for the month. This will definitely be a weekly staple.


Week 3 of my self love reset my focus is food and nutrition. If you followed me last fall you saw my husband and I do a 21 day detox. In total my husband lost 17lbs and I lost close to 13lbs. We both loved how we felt so I wasn’t shocked when he asked to do it again. Unfortunately, I’m pregnant and not able to do the entire program. I can’t take the supplements it comes with (due to the detox release week) and the calorie count is a little low for me so I’ll be adding in lean protein with a couple meals but completely eliminating artificial/processed foods and dairy. Food is the most under utilized medicine in today’s society, so why not reset my body while I’m reseting my mind. This will be a 21 day detox filled with lots of yummy, healthy foods (I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes throughout), lots of restorative yoga, and upping my meditation. I’m all about indulging in a little pregnancy cravings but not to the point where I’m ruining all the hard work I put in pre-pregnancy.

Mostly what I’ve learned the last two weeks is how amazing it feels to focus on making sure I’m okay so I can make sure my home life is ok. I’ve realized the waters will never just be calm every day but I have the ability to adjust my sails and my reaction (whether positive or negative) has a huge effect on my family.  I can not control everything in my life but I truly feel the last 15 days God has thrown some big signs at me to let me know I’m on the right path. This is not a path to be rushed, and I’m loving every single moment of leaning on my faith, finding grace, being more present, and finding inner peace.

Happy Monday <3 Hope you day was full of love and grace.