So thankful for everyone following my journey this month. Only one week in and I’m feeling SO much better, but there’s still more work to be done. Which brings me to week two of this wonderful month.

This week was actually a little harder to decide. Realistically my goal this month is to make life less chaotic and bring in more peace and joy both to myself and of course I would love for this to rub off on my family as well (and hopefully you too!).

As I was doing my make up this morning I hear my son screaming from our playroom down stairs, “MOOOOOOOMMM.” In a panic I run as fast as I can thinking there is an emergency…no he wanted me to get his iPad for him…on the other end of the couch. Literally 17 inches away from him. I didn’t and he screamed my name for that and other things the following 20 minutes. Insert my idea for week two.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 12.55.35 PM

It would be easier to just blame this on my kids, but I’m about being honest and I CREATED this chaos for both my kids. I baby them. Get them everything they need. Drop everything when they need my attention and then in return I often resent them, raise my voice, and am not the mother I want to be because nothing gets done, I’m two little peoples personal servants, and those two little people have said my name about fifty million times all day and by 5 pm I want quite, silence, and a big glass of wine (I miss happy hours). This is chaos that weighs on my bad. Makes life chaotic and is often times when I say yes (when I should say no) to things just to keep the peace. It’s not serving anyone in the house.

So this week we are practicing Independence. Doing it yourself. Each person in our house will:

1. Get Yourself Dressed2. Put away your own laundry3. Grab your own snacks4. Clean Your Own Mess 5. Clean Up your spot at the table

We are starting with this but will take suggestions in the comments if you have them. LOL. Some of you might think this is harsh and some of you might think I’m ridiculous for it taking me this long to implement, but if I just had a little help with this stuff above it would leave me calmer, more at peace, and more time for the things that matter like fun adventures and snuggles where I’m completely present with my family. Not too mention a new baby coming in August.

This will be challenging and there will be lots of resistance I’m sure so wish us luck!