I’m not a good cook. I’ll be 100% honest with you. I never really watched my mom or grandmothers in the kitchen. I loved the art of conversation, not cooking. I wish I was better at it and I’m planning to learn to be better. But when your husband’s Italian who grew up in a restaurant…Somethings are just better left for him to do ensuring we all don’t starve to death.

Last weekend he was out of town camping with our daughter Sophia. They go about four times a year and Jay and I get the weekend to ourselves. This was the last weekend of camping where it would just be the two of us. A little bittersweet considering in the fall we will have a sweet baby boy joining us. We had big elaborate plans to go out on a dinner date just us two, but I could tell by 4pm taking and exhausted toddler out in public was not a good idea.


Thankfully I had some groceries in the house and whipped this amazing dish in about 10 minutes.


What you need

Sausage (I love mild Italian sausage from Mulay’s they are gluten free!)

1-2 Bell Peppers Sliced (we love red and orange to bring some color in)

1/2 Red Onion Sliced

1 Cup of Mushrooms Sliced

To Make:

  • Super healthy alternative way to make the sausage was taught to me by my mother in law (She actually is an amazing Chef!) Fill a pan with water and bring to a boil, poke holes in the raw sausage and throw it in the boiling water. Boil it long enough to get the outside color changed and this actually drains the excess fat out. Once the color is changed drain all the water out of the pan and brown the sausage to your liking and until done.
  • While the sausage is cooking in another pan spray with coconut oil spray and throw in first the peppers. Let them cook for about 3 + minutes and then throw in onion and mushrooms. Let all them cook together for about five minutes.
  • Next when sausage is done cut into pieces and throw them all together and into a bowl. I love topping mine with a nice dose of siracha because why not and I love spicy stuff. 🙂

(Note: Jay loves vegetables but only if they are raw. We can not get this kid to eat cooked veggies of any kind. This is one of those easy dinners though where I’m not making a completely different meal and instead just set a couple of raw veggies on the side for him and cook the rest for myself.)