I’ve been going through a huge funk the last month. Feelings of depression and anxiety started creeping back up on me, throw in some good ol fashioned hormones and well I have been pretty much a crying disaster bitchy mess.

Pregnancy depression wasn’t something I had really heard of, isn’t this supposed to be a happy time? But as I did my research I realized (1) I probably wasn’t suffering through a full blown depression (yet) and (2) I’m not alone, other women are going through this. I’ve been so worried about going through postpartum depression again that I hadn’t thought that maybe it could actually start WHILE I was pregnant. But alas it did and I recognized it and decided I needed to do something about it – Pick up the tools I used to throw myself back in the game from PPD and get to work.

So I’m claiming May to be my reset month. I feel like I am literally spinning out of control with schedules, calendars, goals, tests, school and just LIFE that its officially time for this family to first push PAUSE and then push RESET.


So how is this Momma Reseting? This could possibly make me a bad parent but I tend to be a bit of a loner and as much as I love my children I crave alone time. I need those little moments or pockets of time to revive me not answer to anyone and not have anyone say my name. Though I would love a bi-weekly hotel retreat solo its not realistic so I have to take myself back to something that worked for me a while back and filled my cup and started my day off amazing…The Miracle Morning.

About a year ago I read and AMAZING book by Hal Elrod, called the ‘Miracle Morning’. The book completely changed the way I looked at my daily routine, rituals, and gave me the alone time I was desperately craving. So what is it? I’m not going to go into the whole Hoop-la because honestly I really want you to read this book… But its basically waking up an hour early  and breaking up that extra hour into S.A.V.E.R.S. and focusing on nothing but self development. In the book he gives you ways to break up the time on different parts but here are mine below and how I’ll be focusing on reseting my mornings with the Miracle Morning.


#1. Meditation – I’m not super good at this BUT I also get frustrated with it and give up not really giving myself the opportunity to be good at it. My goal is to focus on 10 minutes of meditation both every morning and every night. I’m currently using the Calm app for their guided meditations (again I’m not very good and find the guided meditations are super helpful for me). It might seem hard at first but remember this does not have to be perfect!

#2. Affirmations – I love affirmations! I do this one a little different 🙂 Each morning I spend 5 minutes on repeating and saying my affirmation that is sent daily from an app called Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein. I also have a reminder that will go off throughout the day on the days I really need it to remind me to check it out again.

#3. Visualization – This could be an entire post in itself (maybe one day it will be!) but I have a vision board that I made at the beginning of the year with all my goals and visions on it. I pull it up on my computer and spend about 5 or so minutes thinking about how awesome its going to be when all these things start to become real life. Next step for me this week is to actually print this out and get it laminated, I think actually holding it in my hands will help me out a lot.

#4. Exercise – Well this is a given 🙂 This is normally where I would fit in a 10 minute ab but since I’m preggo I’ve been doing my own abs workouts that are prenatal friendly (another post!), 10 minute legs/buns or if I have extra time in that morning I fit in a 20 – 30 minute yoga flow session that I’m totally jamming with currently. Usually save my big workout for later in the morning but this is a great 20-30 minute jump start for me that I love and need in the morning.

#5. Reading – I think of it as 10 minutes a day or at least 10 pages of personal development. Personal development is my LIFE. I love reading books that are fueling my brain with positivity. I just finished ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert and just started this morning reading ‘Present over Perfect’ by Shauna Niequist. This is a step I never skip and often go over on my time!

#6. Scribe or Write – This is one of my favorite steps but honestly I neglect it often but I feel amazing after I do it. This sitting down and writing for 10 minutes a day in a journal can be a life changer in getting out feelings that are often closed up. I always save this for after my Personal Development because its usually inspired or sparked something in me that I need to get out on paper.

So thats it guys! This is my first step to RESET my life this month – Starting my day with the Miracle Morning. I’ll be doing other things as well that I will share with you but this is the first big change I’m making and committing the full 31 days too. Yes even involves waking up early on the weekends 🙂

Feel free to reach out always and ask questions about any of these! One thing I love is talking about ways to change and get better. Just like everyone else, I too am a work in progress and find it helpful for me to talk about what I’m doing in in order to hold myself accountable to getting better.  If your a veteran Miracle Morning guru currently then give me your best secrets! Momma’s going to need them. {tapperfitness@gmail.com}