If you’ve followed me on social media for long you know I absolutely love reading personal development books. Some people call them self-help books and I’m actually okay with that too. I’ll read anything that makes me a better person.

A couple months ago my dear friend and fellow coach recommended a book to me, “OutRageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead” by Tosh Silver. The book rocked my world. I couldn’t put it down and find myself re-flipping through the pages of all days today when I see the sign in front of me but don’t want to necessarily recognize it.

The basis of the book is about opening your eyes to signs that God (or the Divine) put out there for us to see. So many people miss these signs. Their eyes are closed. We spend more time worrying, being disappointed, frustrated, and closed that we don’t open ourselves up to whats really out there and the signs that he gives us. We use prayer to ask for things but we never use meditation to listen to his response (this is a whole other post that I will share in the coming weeks!). We go into situations with a negative attitude and wonder why we can never find the perfect parking spot, dress, our vacation plans get messed up.

Our PLANS GET MESSED UP.  Ha! If your spiritual or believe in God or anything really you know your plan is never going to go the way YOU want it to, its going to go the way GOD wants it to. Theres always a lesson in the mess, a sign we are missing that he’s pausing us or changing our plot so that we see it. Sounds cool right?!

“The Divine Order always brings the right solution at the right time.” 

Do me a favor and if you’re looking for an amazing book thats a super quick read pick this one up! You’ll be amazed to see all the signs and work God is doing in your life that your missing <3