I’m lucky enough to have the honor of being a mom to my daughter, Sophia.

Eight short months after we got married we found out we were pregnant. I was 24 years old, terrified, and nine months later with her own agenda Sophia came into our life. She was never an easy baby. She refused to sleep at night or nap most days, walked at 8 months and hasn’t slowed down since, once she started talking she never stopped. She would (and still does) beg me to just stop and talk to people. She was the funniest most exhausting child I had ever met. I was young, easily frustrated, and so many times thought I was being the worst mom ever to her. I think we are often so hard on ourselves as moms and I was no exception with her. There were more days I went to sleep at night thinking I totally failed her on this parenting thing than days I felt I succeed at it.  Almost 8 years later I still find myself often being too hard on her and feeling this way. She’s completely different than my husband and I (such a good thing!). She often doesn’t get the time with me that she really deserves to get so I was over the moon excited to spend a weekend with JUST her and I last weekend.


How did I create such a precious creature I will never know. She’s nothing like me. We often clash in our differences and some days I end in tears thinking I’ve totally failed her. Yet she still gives me the biggest hugs, wants the closest snuggles and tells me I’m the best mom ever. Last weekend we spent the weekend with a group of her friends and their moms on a girls ‘Glamping” trip at Rough Creek Lodge. If you haven’t been to this amazing five star establishment – GO!  We snuck away the last night and went to bed just the two of us. She rubbed my face told me how soft it was, how I was pretty and the best mom ever, and we talked in bed. She told me all kinds of stuff and I’m pretty sure she was still talking when I fell asleep, lol. I saw her do brave things like zip lining, rock climbing, she’s definitely her fathers daughter when it comes to fishing (three fish in ten minutes!), she knew the names of so many flowers and wildlife, and she loves jamming out to old school Britany Spears in the car like her momma. But that massive heart, big ole smile, and being the best hugger she did that all on her own. Her personality is so huge and I just love every thing about her.


I left the weekend thanking God that she’s mine, and thought to myself…”You didn’t do half bad momma. For two young kids having no clue what you were doing…You gotta a really good girl.” I know she was upset (still is) to be getting another brother in a couple months. She prayed so hard for a sister my heart literally broke telling her another brother was coming. But I also know what an amazing big sister she is and how big her heart is. Watching Jay look at her its like she’s the only girl in the world, even if he is annoying and mean to her sometimes. I have no doubt this little guy will feel the same.


We love our sweet girl.