Its no lie my love for yoga through this pregnancy has grown so much. Its my new addiction. Its been my saving grace, when I used to pump hard weights in my little home gym, now my body is growing this amazing little person and is begging for slower movements and building strength in new ways.

I’ll admit I was a big skeptic of yoga for years. Embarrassed to attend a class, how could I possibly get strong with out weights? Thankfully realizing this is exactly what my mind and body currently need, I’ve embraced my practice and what it not only does for my growing body but the way is eases my mind and gives me a sense of community I haven’t felt like I’ve had for a while now.

Summer vacation is officially here. Its going to be a busy one. We are starting a small remodel project on our house, both kids are out of school, I feel super pregnant, and we haven’t even started getting ready for another baby (oops!) but in all this I want really focus on not loosing what I have learned over the last month of my Self Love Reset.   I want to focus on making memories, calm, independence, setting up for baby and building my business on a schedule that allows me to enjoy my family at the same time.

All these things have lead me to my Summer of Shavasana.

Summer Savasana

For those of you not familiar with Shavasana or corps pose its a neutral position during yoga usually done at the end of class. Its a pose to help promote total relaxation – also making it one of the most difficult. Your not only attempting to calm the body but the mind as well. As a mom of almost three and a constantly racing mind I struggle with stopping my mind and being present in whatever moment I am in.

However, this summer I am dedicated to taking my body and mind to the mat for yoga and meditation daily. To not just forget everything I have accomplished on my Self Love reset because May is over, but instead take my practice DEEPER and turn it into the Summer of the Shavasana. The goal is to deepen my spirituality, be fully present with my kiddos, practice on mastering the shavasana through a daily yoga practice and meditation, concentrate on building my business on my time and in manifesting some big dreams with some sweat and hard work. Oh and some how in there get ready for a baby #3 <3

Expect some new things coming up on the blog…mindful meditations, custom workouts, meals plans, workshops, private coaching and personal training opportunities, lots of reminiscing of life with two and the huge transition this momma is making  to life with three. Its going to be an amazing summer I feel it <3 I’m done with the days on rushing and doing things the way everyone else see fit. This is our summer of fun.