Let me start off by saying I went to fashion school. Yes that’s right, this yoga pants loving Selfish Mom went to fashion school and has an associates degree in fashion design and market…From my normal day to day clothing you would never know this.

If you knew me before kids, or maybe when I just had one you would totally know this. I spent hours looking through Vogue magazines and my goal when Sophia was little was to have a fashion blog. Well that did not happen and my daily go to’s became my cozy sweatshirts (or my husbands t shirts) and yoga pants.

There is nothing wrong with being cozy and comfortable mommas but it started to affect me on a different level that I didn’t like. I started being comfortable with not taking care of myself and only getting myself dressed and ready when there was something ‘to do.’ Yoga pants became life.

The problem was that Fashion is really still a passion of mine that I would love to still pursue! So I decided to take a leap from an instagram ad I saw and get back into loving clothes on my body instead of just having them hang in my closet.

Yes I’m going to talk to you about a subscription box but this one y’all is like none I’ve seen before. When I love love love something I want to share it, especially when its priced just right and can make a Mom’s Life that much easier!

I’m amazed at the moms who can get dressed and ready before they drop their kids off at school. Most mornings I’m dropping Max off at 9 am in sweats just to go home and change before I go back out to pick everyone up. I hate that I do this and its something I’m working on! Nuuly though has completely changed that for me which is why I’m SOOOO excited to share this with all Moms today!

I’ve tried A LOT of monthly subscription boxes out there. For years I tried Stitch Fix hoping they would send me something I loved. I tried Trunk Club, hoping my stylist would quit sending me crop tops and understand what my budget was and finally realize that I had three kids and crop tops and things that required no bra were going to work for these breasts…until Nuuly. Nuuly is my newest obsession and even better it SO much better than any other subscription box out there I’ve tried. You know you’ve tried them all when your husband says, “Another one.” LOL!

Nuuly is a monthly subscription box that cost $88/month. So it might be a little more expensive than some of the others BUT this one allows you to keep the clothes for a month! Yes you read that right! You pick six articles of clothing, and keep them for one month and if you don’t want to buy them you simply send them back and get six new pieces!

My favorite part of Nuuly is that you are not at the hands of a stylist who doesn’t even know you or your lifestyle to pick out the clothes sent to you. You pick out your own six pieces! This was a huge factor for me. Other subscription boxes I’ve used in the past I had to rely on a ‘stylist’ to pick my pieces and send to me and most of the time I wasn’t into what they had to offer. I tried all the pieces on and usually just sent it back the next day. Nothing fit right, nothing was my style, nothing worked for my life. I couldn’t ‘try’ things out. With Nuuly I can check out all their options myself, knowing what I have coming up event wise throughout the month and what I have in my closet that will work with the pieces they have to get the most wear out of them. Basically I could give my entire closet away and keep some staple pieces and be a super minimalist with my clothing if I wanted to.

Nuuly works with some amazing brands like ……Urban Outfitters, Anthropology, Free People and all their private labels they offer in their stores…Pretty much all my favs!

Here are the six pieces I choose for this month….

When picking out my six pieces for the month I made an effort to really look at what I had going on…lunch with local blogger, speaking engagements, mom life and a vision board party. I needed my pieces to fit with other items in my closet and go from mom life to date night plus completely throw in my love for fashion and lifestyle in there as well. For $88/month which can be a lot for some of us I needed these pieces to get the most wear, not just something I would toss back and never wear. I wanted my moneys worth and thats exactly what I got.

Here is just a couple examples how I styled my some of my Nuuly over the month…

One last thing to add about this amazing subscription box is the option to buy anything you absolutely love and can’t live with out. Nuuly offers a 20-40% off option per individual item. Most subscription boxes I have used in the past only offer you a discount if you buy the entire box they sent you leaving me with pieces that I don’t love and will never wear but felt obligated to buy because the only way to get the discount was to buy the whole box. Nuuly does not pressure you to buy a thing AND even sends the clothes in this cute little bag that comes with an emergency kit including static guard, de-wrinkler, and some other major emergency necessities.

Nuuly has been so kind so allow me to give all my readers a $20 off code for their first time orders so please go now to claim! Click HERE for your $20 off! And share your thoughts below on what you think about this amazing new subscription box! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do and I’ll be sharing my monthly subscriptions and fashion (maybe faux paus) with you all monthly!