Well my goodness life sure got crazy fast didn’t it?! 

 Most of the world right now is participating in social distancing. Each of us quarantined to our homes in an effort to ‘flatten the curve’ of a virus that unfortunately spreads rapidly. This is not a blog post on the facts. I encourage each person to take the time and research the facts and take a giant step back from FEAR. 

What this is a post on is coming together as a community to help each other, even through social distancing and SUPPORTING EACH OTHER!

Many small businesses are extremely affected by the quarantine being placed on most of the country/world. My effort with this post is to encourage as many people as possible to still do everything they can to support their local small businesses. Though many places are currently closed the opportunity to buy gift cards and shop online is still available! I’m no financial analyst but if we are still purchasing from the small businesses then they can remain open. I know our economy has taken a pretty big hit so far, but let’s try and come together and support each other in any way we can, even in quarantine! 

Because I am always a supporter of Mom run business, I am sharing all the mom run businesses that have been shared with me today and some of my favorites as well. Please note that there are multiple businesses that may overlap, and my point is to share everyone and support everyone! 

MOMS SUPPORTING MOMS BUSINESSES TO SHOP (Click on the name to shop!): 


Just to name a few! There are so many! I love seeing so many mommas out there doing their thing!

Last but not least, I’m adding myself in this mix. I am a mom of three. And now apparently a homeschooling mom of three (never thought I would say that in a million years!). I love this community so much and am doing everything in my power to keep it going but it also needs YOUR HELP! I will be dropping prices on all my coaching packages as well as adding distance Reiki sessions to help anyone coping with anxiety and overwhelm. 

30 Minute Selfish Mom Project Coaching Session – $40 (60 minutes – $75) 

30 Minute Selfish Mom Project Business Coaching Session – $40 (60 Minutes – $75) 

(These are recorded via ZOOM and sent back to you with a follow up email)

Distant Reiki Session – $50

Email me at rtapper@selfishmomproject.com to book any session!

In addition to all these amazing offers my book is still available along with lots on Selfish Mom Project Goodies HERE or on AMAZON! Right now, is a great time to spend these next couple days, months or weeks and find a routine to take care of yourself! 

Stay safe, Stay Inside, and Support your favorite local businesses and other Moms by shopping online or buying gift cards!!! 

Last but not least if you are needing some extra support and looking for a community of moms that are needing some social interaction and a non judgmental zone come hang with us in our free facebook group Selfish Mom Project.

Love you all! Post below any businesses I left out and some of your favs!