It’s been a while since I’ve had a Mom Crush Monday so naturally I wanted to start it back up with one of the coolest mommas I know – Ashlea Bennett. I got to meet this sweet lady a couple years ago when our boys had class together. She is a oh-so-stylish mom of three cute boys and a entrepreneur with a mission we all need to hear!

Our interview with her is below ❤️

Tell us about yourself.

After being born and raised in Ohio, my husband, Mark and I moved to Dallas 7 years ago.  We arrived in Texas as a wee party of 3, but have since have expanded our brood to 3 crazy boys ages 8, 5 and 2.  We love the south, but man I miss the seasons and being close to the water.  I am a huge history nerd buff and love reading up on all things Kennedy.  I’m also addicted to coffee in any shape or form and love Barre workouts.  Brings out my inner ballerina 😉

What drew you to become a  BeautyCounter consultant?

Two things, honestly.  1) I had just started my journey into learning more about “clean beauty” and could not believe the information I was finding.  Information about potentially harmful ingredients linked to infertility, hormone disruption, allergies and even carcinogens in the products I was using on myself (and my kids!!) every.  I was blown away.  And I was even more shocked to find out that there had not been a federal law passed in the US governing the personal care industry since 1938.  As a country, we are light-years behind other developed countries regarding what is allowed in our personal care products.  For example, the European Union bans and restricts 1400 ingredients from use in their personal care products.  The US?  Only 30.  I was blind-sided and felt like if this was information I was unaware of, then chances were that most of the people I held near and dear were unaware of it, too.  So I made the decision to partner with the brand so I could arm my friends and family with information to make better, safer choices with the products they were using! And 2)  I had spent the previous 6 years at home, as “Mom.”  I was feeling the itch to get back to work, (my brain had started to melt – you know what I’m talking about!!)  but couldn’t figure out how to make a 9-5 work with my young kids still at home.  This little business I started from home became my escape, and gave me the platform I needed to make me realize I could be so much more than just “Mom” – having adult girl-time, being able to financially contribute to the family AND being part of a mission creating significant social impact have all just been icing on the cake!

What are your top five BeautyCounter products all selfish moms should own?

I have to say the safety component was my first reason to try the products, but the performance of them is what kept me coming back!  It’s hard to narrow down to 5, but I’ll give it a try!
1)  , Cleansing Balm   This stuff is like a little pot of gold.  It’s an all-in-one facial cleanser, make-up remover, overnight hydrating mask, cuticle cream, lip balm, highlighter. . .the list goes on and on.  It’s hands-down my favorite product and is by far the most luxurious product I’ve ever owned.  This product single-handedly made me look forward to washing my face.
2)  Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30.  I don’t have time for a bunch of makeup (remember those 3 kids?!?) and living in Dallas, the sun is out most every day.  This product gives a nice sheer coverage, sun protection AND leaves me with a dewy-glowing look that’s perfect for running around town.  It’s the one product I don’t leave the house without wearing.  
3) Overnight Resurfacing Peel  Here’s the thing.  I’d LOVE to be able to hit-up the spa or my dermatologist’s office for facials and peels, but 1)  I don’t have the time and 2)  I can’t justify the cost of the services (plus the cost of a sitter so I can go!) on a frequent basis.  In comes Beautycounter’s Overnight Resurfacing Peel to the rescue (LAUNCHING TOMORROW!) This peel is gentle enough for all skin types, and easy and quick to use (apply, wait 5 minutes and then apply moisturizer and hit the sack!).  Love a good product that works for me while I (literally) get my beauty sleep 😉  This peel smooths and clears the skin, reduces fine lines and the appearance of pores, plus brightens the complexion and reduces the appearance of dark spots.  I’ve been using it for the past month – there’s perks to working for the company!- and it’s quickly becoming one of my faves.  I need this peel.  You need this peel.  We all NEED this peel.  Plus, it’s  like a quarter of the price of a treatment at the dermatologist office and this bottle will last 3-4 months!
4) CounterSun Mineral Sunscreen Mist SPF 30   Know what I hate?  Toting around 15 different bottles of sunscreen every time we left the house.  My face sunscreen, the baby’s sunscreen.  Spray sunscreen for the boys bodies and a lotion for their faces.  And a separate sunscreen for my husband.  Gah!!  The worst.  This BRAND NEW sunscreen is all I use now.  On the entire family.  The spray is air-powered so no harmful propellent chemicals in the air and being inhaled by the kids.  And it provides protection from UVA/UVB and Blue Light, so bye-bey sun burns and aging properties from the sun.  Bonus:  You can spray it from every angle – even upside down and twisted as your kid runs from you toward the pool.  It’s awesome.

5) Touch-Up Concealer Pen   I mean, we’re all moms here.  And we have plenty of sleepless nights.   This concealer pen is so good.  Perfectly covers dark circles and imperfections in the skin without being thick or cakey.  I love this one so much I carry it in my handbag, too.

Honorable Mention – I told you I couldn’t narrow it down to 5!!  Ha!
6) Color Intense Lipstick. Every woman, no matter how young or how old, 
needs a gorgeous, bold pop of color on your lip. I promise it will change your 
day. This one has an incredible peppermint taste will awaken your senses after being up for that 4 am feeding. And bonus – the long-wear formula means it will stay on a 
good, long time so no need to re-apply over and over again!

What is your biggest parenting struggle?

Feeling like I’m a failure because I’m not the “best” at everything. The best mom.  The best teacher.  The best wife.  The best housekeeper.  The best story teller.  The best cook.  The best business owner.  The best . . .the list goes on  and on.  sometimes it’s like – “The kids are alive, their bellies are full and they have been loved today – that’s got to be good enough.  Tomorrow is another day.  I can bathe them then.”

Favorite way to show self love?

Every Monday I have a sitter that comes to the house.  I take that time and divide it into “me” time and “mom” time and  “business” time.  Me time can be a Barre Class or a hair appointment.  Mom time can be a grocery run or a volunteer shift at the school and business time can be client appointments or product drops.  It’s the best way for me to feel accomplished in all areas of my life.  It’s a fantastic feeling.

Whats your favorite BONUS way to be selfish? (massage, mani/pedi)

When I skip my “mom” time on Mondays and take an extra-long bike ride around the lake listening to old-school John Mayer albums.  And just order groceries for delivery when I get home.  Ha!

Don’t you love this woman?! I love anyone that has intense passion for safer anything and John Mayer as much as I do! Check me out on IG stories all week showing all my favorite BeautyCounter products that I can’t live without.

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