Brenda Garza and I have been friends on social media for years. We had kids at the same school and around the same age but we never got the opportunity to actually meet and get to know each other. For years I admired pretty much everything she did on social media. She’s a successful entrepreneur, she’s an amazing mom and wife, she’s so strong in her faith, super inspirational, AND drop dead gorgeous.


It was by Gods crazy plan that we FINALLY and randomly ran into each other on vacation last December in Taos, New Mexico. I knew at that moment, at that encounter, she was meant to be a mentor in my Selfish Mom Movement which is exactly what she has become for me – a Mentor, friend, someone that every momma out there can look up to and should know.

Recently along with everything else Brenda has done she wrote an amazing children’s book. You must own this book! “Speak Blessings” is a powerful book about speaking affirmations to our children and supporting it with biblical scripture. Being a mommy (or parent) ain’t easy folks. I find that I struggle at times with finding the positive in what I see is a day full of negative. I can lack in expressing the affirmation qualities of my children when the day (or days) have been long and exhausting and the only thing that sounds good is a glass of wine and bed time. This book comes in two forms regular and early reader which I love. The regular version is read as if you were speaking the affirmations to your children and the early reader version is read as if your child is reading the affirmations to themselves —BOTH ARE AMAZING, I suggest buying both.

Below is my interview with Brenda <3


Tell us about yourself.

Hi everyone! My name is Brenda Garza. I’m originally from South Texas, but for the past two years, we have called Dallas, Texas our home. My husband and I have been married for 8 years and are currently raising 3 wild children. Marriage & motherhood has by far been my greatest accomplishment.

By day you can find me at JJ Pearce High School teaching Forensic Science to Seniors, but as soon as that bell rings, I turn into a multitasking ninja! One of my favorite quotes by Jim Rohn states, “Work full time on your job and part time on your fortune. Wages will make you a living, but profits can make you a fortune.” I teach because I love pouring into our youth, but I also understand that if I want to create true wealth that is transferable to my kids & their kids, I need to look outside the box. Multiple streams of income is key. The more passive (income received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort to maintain it) these income streams are, the better. After doing a lot of research and choosing options I was passionate about, I chose network marketing, real estate (rentals), cryptocurrency investments and writing (books) as my part time fortune builders.

Your a successful Momprenuer, How do you manage everything? 

This is a great question. I once read an article online that said, “balance is a myth.” I beg to differ. For me, balance is everything. I have a masters in counseling, and one of my favorite takeaways from grad school was the “wellness wheel.” This wheel speaks of the seven dimensions or areas of an individual’s life that make up their overall health. Everybody has different needs of course, so I recommend finding YOUR perfect balance and giving yourself grace to slip because no one expects you to be perfect. For me, my spiritual, financial and physical take priority. I need these 3 daily to feel my best. The other 4 dimensions fill the gaps as needed. I am currently writing a book about this for women called “The Juggle is Real.”

Any tips for other Mommas who are dreaming big?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but women empowerment is at an all time high! We truly CAN do ANYTHING we set our mind to! I have 3 tips for YOU who are dreaming big.

  1. Less thinking and more DOING. Don’t get stuck in mental momentum, there will never be a “perfect” time. The best teacher in life is experience. Whether you succeed or fail (forward), you will learn and grow so much from it!
  2. Find a mentor. I love the quote, “the early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”. If you truly want to pursue your dreams, you should only be seeking advice from people who are living a life you desire. Not toxic dream stealers and naysayers. Find someone who has been successful in the area you are interested in and either listen to their youtube videos, enroll in their course, read their books, or if you are lucky enough, invite them for coffee and be prepared with a list of questions.
  3. Be persistent in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. I wish I could tell you thatafter following tip 1 and 2, it will be a smooth ride, but it won’t. There will be challenges and you will want to give up, multiple times. This is where mindset development comes in. You must work your mental muscle daily so that when the time comes, it is ready to fight back. I strengthen my mindset with daily affirmations, morning motivation videos on youtube, worship music and a dream board. The key here is to never give up. Believe you CAN do it, and put forth consistent effort. Tough times don’t last, but tough people do!

We LOVE your new children’s book! Whats the story behind why you wrote them? 

“Speak Blessings” is a children’s book about speaking positive life breathing words over your family. I was inspired to write this simple, yet powerful, book after not only a personal struggle (which I will mention in the next question), but also after watching several friends become new parents. One in particular, recorded a video speaking positive affirmations over her newborn. This short clip got me thinking: How many parents out there are actually doing this, and what kind of impact could we be making if more were?

One thing I knew for certain was this: Speaking negative words can harm, while speaking positive words can bless.

There is a special blessing, only we can give, as parents, and it is up to us to set the course over those whom God has given us authority over. If you or your child struggle in this department, I highly recommend this book. When read daily, this book will strengthen your child’s positive self-belief. Once affirmations are learned, they work by coming to mind when that belief is challenged. The more an affirmation is repeated, the stronger it becomes.

The next time you are overcome with frustration, remind yourself of the powerful influence you have over your child’s development and future. Today and every day, let’s vow to speak words of encouragement so our children will be inspired and motivated to reach for new heights!

Whats your biggest parenting struggle? 

As a mother of three, I can testify that parenting is not easy. We all want our children to be happy, healthy and blessed, but life loves to throw you curveballs.

My biggest parenting struggle has been my choice of words as I mentioned in the question above. I have a lot of patience, but when I reach my tipping point, it’s not a pretty place to be and my kids don’t deserve to see this side of me.

I didn’t start recognizing that I had a problem until I began to indulge in professional development. It wasn’t until the day I heard my oldest daughter mimic my sarcastic attitude that I made a vow to be more mindful and intentional with my words. Do I still slip, of course, I am human; but I am give myself grace and so do my kids.

We created the book “Speak Blessings” together as a family. I came up with the idea, My kids helped illustrate, and my husband did all the digital and creative that turned our words and drawings into a book that people from all over the world can buy from Amazon. 

At the end of the day, I try to remember that our kids are CONSTANTLY watching and learning. I do not want to raise disrespectful kids.

What’s your favorite way to show self love? 

As odd as this may sound, my favorite way to show self love is to sit in SILENCE. As a teacher and parent, my day is full of chatter. I’m guilty of choosing to eat lunch on my own in my classroom instead of with my colleagues. It’s during these silent moments that I calm my mind, restore balance, visualize new ideas and boost my overall well-being.

What’s your favorite BONUS way to be selfish? 

My favorite BONUS way to be selfish is by getting a nanny/housekeeper once a week. Whether they come to clean the house or to babysit, this opens up the door to be able to do whatever I want for a few hours. Pre-children freedom!

Want more of Brenda? She’s amazing so I know you do 😉


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