I’ve decided since this month is Mother’s Day to dedicate the entire month on this blog to mom’s that inspire me.

What better way to start than with my mom. She can tell you about herself below in her interview but I can also introduce her in a way I’m not sure she would describe herself.

She’s taught me to always be a lady, but never let the world walk all over you. That no matter what your age is you can still decide to do something magical and to be whoever you want be. She has faith and inner strength like no one I know and she fiercely loves her grandkids. She can often be found pumping gas on a Tuesday in a tutu. When she starts laughing (probably something totally ridiculous and stupid like people who are afraid of llamas – inside joke) no matter how crazy it is you find yourself laughing till you cry along with her. Her eyes are crystal blue and I see a little of her in each of my kids. The legacy she is leaving is so much bigger than I think she actually sees sometimes. Some day at her funeral when the thousands of people who knew and loved her are there I will tell the story of how she jumped in the pool fully clothed with perfect hair and make up (duh she took off her fabulous shoes) to save my French bulldog from drowning. She does love dogs.

What better way to start this amazing month than to showcase the one who made me. She’s fabulous and I can’t wait to share her with y’all. Here’s my momma <3

As a seasoned mom, with kids grown and gone, what is one thing you would tell a new mom about making sure she takes care of herself? (Physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually)?

You simply MUST take care of yourself or you are absolutely no good to anyone else. Period. I also cannot stress how important it is to pursue your dreams. Your  kids will grow up and leave you and never look back. Empty nest syndrome is a REAL thing girls and if I hadn’t had hobbies, dreams and passions of my own I’d have gone looney-tunes.

What is your favorite way to be a ‘Selfish Mom’?

I always had a few interests that I pursued that were just for me. I’m a pageant girl, so I competed here and there. I also would go to a movie while you kids were in school.

(EDIT: Daughter coming in here to add – clothes. This woman has the most amazing closet, shoes and jewelry)

What are your biggest passions?

WRITING!! I love putting my thoughts into words. I love acting and wish I’d pursued it. But I’m most passionate about breaking stereotypes about aging. Scratch that- what I’m REALLY most passionate about is my grandchildren. To all you young girls who think you love your children? Honey- it’s NOTHING compared to what you’re going to feel for your grandchildren! Pinky swear!

What or who inspires you? And Why?

My granddaughter Sophia! She changed me and brought happiness and joy back to my life. She is confident and sweet, finds good in everything and everyone and has the purest, angel heart I’ve EVER seen. I cry when I think of how much I love her.

What is your favorite Part about being a mother?

Being a GRANDmother.

What has been your least favorite/or hardest part of motherhood?

My least favorite about being a mother? That once I became one that my whole world turned upside down. For the rest of my life I knew I’d never fully concentrate on anything again. That I’d never again get a good nights sleep.  Everything in your life, mind and heart centers around those babies/ even when they’re grown up and running ‘The Selfish Mom Project.’ You just never stop thinking about them and worrying. Never. Your life is never yours again.

Give us the scoop on your next project!

I’m off to the Ms Senior United States Pageant as Ms Senior Texas and a coffee table book celebrating Texas women- and LOVING and spoiling my grandkids.

How cute is she?! For those of you that didn’t know my wonderful Momma has already written TWO books!

False Vicitim – Actually based on a true story that happened to our family many years ago. You can buy HERE.

Hillbilly Debutatunte Cafe – LOVE this book! You can buy HERE.

Do you know an amazing mom that inspires you? I would love to meet her!


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