Last #MomCrush of this month! Its been so amazing so share these wonderful women with you all!

THIS trio of ladies rocks my world. They are the creators of the #DateYourSpouseBox which is a monthly subscription box with the intent to start dating your Spouse again. I absolutely LOVE this concept and idea behind it not to mention the inspiring ladies that make it happen every month! Date nights are vital to reconnecting with not only your spouse but the outside world. Dino and I try and have at least one date night every week but some weeks its hard which is why I am loving the #DateYourSpouseBox!

Here is my amazing interview with the #DateYourSpouseBox Ladies…Laura, Jen and Lucero!

Tell us about yourselves…

Lucero – First and foremost, family is the MOST important thing to me. I am the oldest of three girls, and my sisters are my best friends! I am married to my first love, and we have a little fur child named Franky. I love to always stay busy and challenge myself, but at the end of the day family time is always most important. I live by two quotes that describe who I am in a nutshell, “Count your blessings, not your problems” and “empowered women, empower women.”

Jen – About myself…..I really am not good at this part. Can my sister write it for me? She’s better at that. Okay, I…..uh…. I am an introvert. I don’t like being in large crowds where I must socialize. I don’t like small talk. I am not a “baby” (other people’s babies) or “puppy” person. I cannot keep plants alive. I am guarded. But, I am one hell of a mother, wife and friend. I will do anything for those I love. I am happy when I have made them happy. I am loyal, I can keep secrets. I will always be there for you. I am kind to strangers. I like to help. My family is my everything. My home is my happy place.

LauraI’m a #boymom to two little guys, August & Indiana. I’m lucky to be married to literally the most perfect man for me. When I was 21 I moved to NYC to attend a performing arts conservatory which is where I met Thomas. Our story is a sweet one, Thomas is from England and only planned on staying in NYC for two years to finish school then planned to go back to the UK. But the universe had other plans. We met, became friends and quickly fell in love. Early in our relationship he decided he would stay in this country for me, it was a very unsure time because he was on a student visa and I remember being so worried he would have to leave the country, but I was fully prepared to move to England for him in a heartbeat. That was 13 years ago and we’ve been a team ever since. These days you’ll find me teaching/practicing yoga, entrepreneuring and DIYing ALL THE THINGS, playing Mario Cart & having nerf gun battles with my boys AND OF COURSE dating the hell out of my spouse.

We are loving the #dateyourspousebox (just got our first one!!) How did you all come together with this amazing idea?

Lucero – This one is all Laura, and I am so honored to be a part of her great idea! The three of us make a great team because we are truly passionate about #DateYourSpouseBox and are hard-working women who believe in each other.

LauraIt was certainly not all me.#DateYourSpouseBox was a mere idea in my head, it was Jen and Lucero who believed in it 100% and TOGEHTER we took action and turned into the beautiful and meaningful product it is today. Without them I would still be trying to figure out how to set up an LLC. #DYSB was initially born from a desire to create a meaningful and unique couples gift for Christmas one year. A gift that would not only provide new experiences together but also one that would enrich relationships all year long through intention and connection. While the early version of #DYSB has grown and blossomed into what it is today the intention & heart is just the same. When the original boxes were shared on social media as a kind of “passion project” it was met with hundreds of overwhelmingly positive responses. We immediately knew this was something we  wanted to share with other couples. So we got to work dreaming up and creating the perfect date nights. While none of us would dare claim to be experts on relationships, we would each absolutely say that we are in relationships that we are passionate about and that we are excited to be in, we hope our dates will help couples reignite and capture that same excitement.

There are three different types of boxes, which one is your favorite?

LuceroThe Adventurer!

JenHappy Homebodies!

LauraThat’s a really hard question because I love them all. And I’m not just saying that, I really do. But if I had to pick one I would say the foodies. I think our 8 years in NYC turned us into foodies. 

How do you keep your marriages spicy and alive, especially as moms and business owners?

Lucero As a business owner with a full-time job and various other responsibilities, I think it’s important to pause and make your relationship a priority even if your to-do list is miles long! Quality time and communication keep the spark alive!

JenI keep our marriage spicy and alive by showering and changing my underwear at least once a week.

LauraHonestly, our marriage is the most natural partnership I can imagine, I’m going to be really sappy for a minute, but it’s straight up truth….. for me, being with him is as intuitive as breathing. Every part of me just knows how. BUT all relationships take intention, attention and straight up WORK, ours included. I read quite some time ago that “love is a verb”. And we live by that along with the famous “never go to bed angry”….it’s cliche but it’s SO VALUABLE, we also always go to bed at the same time. We start our day together and end it together. And of course we are always dating, lots of intimate time is so important, we need the time to take our various “hats” off and just be us, to  CHOOSE to be in our relationship daily and keep winning each other’s hearts. Every damn day. No excuses….even when there’s home owner stuff, work stuff, family & kids, stress, responsibilities…. we show up because our marriage is the foundation for all of it. 

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

LuceroI am not a mom yet, but it’s awesome that I get to work with two awesome moms that I look up to! It’s such a blessing that I will get to take things I’ve learned from them and apply them if I ever become a mom.

JenMy favorite thing about being a mom is, the unconditional love you feel.

LauraConnection. Connection, that is so deep that if you followed it all the way down like a wire you’d never find the beginning. I read a study when I was first pregnant with August that studied brain patterns of babies and they discovered  that to a baby the happiest most beautiful thing in the world to them is the face of their own mother. That idea of those early days when I was covered in milk, spit-up and poop… that even then they still thought I was just about the best thing they’d even seen…..That’s the way we love in our family. Being mom to little boys is the sweetest thing on the planet. Little boys somehow have the ability to burp, miss the toilet, shoot you with a nerf gun and treat you like a princess all in a 5 minute span. It’s remarkable.

What do you find is your biggest struggle being a mom?

JenThe biggest struggle is what I have left over at the end of the day for my husband.

Laura Being a mom is always a first time experience… matter how many kids you have no matter how many days you’ve been doing it. I constantly feel like I’m screwing at least one thing up. Am I too strict? Not strict enough? Should I force more vegetables? Will that make them develop a bad relationship with food? Should I not have just yelled up the stairs “don’t yell at each other we talk nicely in this house”? And what the actual hell will happen if I ever get to three? I overthink and second guess everything I do when it comes to being a mom. I’m winging it. But at the end of the day if they are happy, loved, safe, encouraged and fed then I feel victorious. Some days I admit defeat, lol. But that’s okay, my teammate always has my back! 

What is your favorite way to be ‘selfish’ or show yourself self care and love?

LuceroThis is always hard for me, but as I get older I am learning the importance of self-care and love. I try to do something nice for myself at least once a month. I love “me time”!

JenMy biggest way to show myself care and love? I lock and barricade the bathroom door.

LauraYoga. Definitely yoga. I’ve been teaching yoga for over 10 years now, at this point  it’s part of who I am. I will always be a student of yoga, I enjoy the person I am when I’m on the mat and I love all the chances life gives us to choose to live yoga off the mat. I’m a firm believer that yoga fixes everything.

What is one piece of advice you would give a Mom or anyone really starting up a business?

LuceroJust go for it & be confident!

Jen Make sure it is your passion. That’s the only way it will succeed. Oh, and sales too. You need sales to succeed. Buy our boxes.

LauraShut out the noise. Blinders on to the people/things/distractions that won’t serve you, and eyes, ears and heart wide open to those cheering you on. And for the love of all that’s holy…..stop keeping your dreams private. Everyone has a private dream, it takes courage to have a public one. Public dreams are scary AF. Go the distance, two feet in, take note of all the people who said you couldn’t and send them a postcard when you get there, but invite them to join you, cause there’s always room at the top. 

What is the most romantic thing your spouse has ever done?

LuceroThe most romantic moment was when my spouse proposed! It was truly perfect for me! I also feel the most loved every time I have an idea and my husband supports me 100%. That’s priceless and romantic in my book! I’ll take that over flowers any day… but I get those too!

Jenhmmmm….I’d have to say my version of“romance” is more of a day to day thing. It’s the little things he does for me like make my coffee, or get my side of the bed ready at night. Or how he knows to hard fry my egg and burn my hot dog perfectly. That’s true love.

LauraHe writes me poems, and they are always breath taking. Two weeks after our wedding my mom was diagnosed with cancer. And in 8 weeks she was gone. At that time we were living in NYC so I flew to Florida to be with her. We knew she didn’t have long. That was the hardest time in my life, not only did he go through it with me because he too was losing her, but he showed up FOR ME in ways I can’t even put into words. He wrote a poem for her and read it at her funeral service. That poem is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard, and it actually ended up getting published.

What’s next for you guys!? Anything exciting we should know about?

LuceroThere is so much in store for #DateYourSpouseBox! We can’t wait to share what’s next!

Jen Yes, but if we tell you, we have to kill you. And that’s not cool.

LauraOh my gosh. We are idea girls. But more than that, we are TAKE ACTION girls. We have SO MUCH in the works….but these things take time, detail and finesse so we aren’t ready to make any announcements. But I definitely want to encourage people to follow along on our social media, website and subscribe to our newsletter!  

You can find these wonderful ladies:

IG @dateyourspousebox

Facebook : #DateYourSpouseBox

And don’t forget to order one of their amazing boxes at They are so amazing and gave all the Selfish Mom Project Readers a special code to use RachaelT15 . Follow me on IG (@selfishmomproject) this weekend as we unveil our first #dateyourspousebox in the kitchen!