I’m not even sure where I could really start with introducing Steph.

Steph is one of my dearest friends. Beyond that she has a heart of gold. She will literally drop anything to be there for you. She’s passionate about her family, her business, helping others, and her friendships. She laughs with her entire face and its one of my favorite things ever because your can’t help but die laughing too. She’s honest. Like brutal but in this way where you actually feel so much love and full of ah-ha moments.

Besides being one of my best friends and sisters for the last five years (we have known each other for almost 15 years!) she’s also my personal coach and mentor. I’ve spent the last six months in her course Aligned Abundance and have had so much growth mentally, emotionally, business-wise, and financially.

This sweet momma is so special to me, read her interview below. <3

Tell us a little about yourself….

Well, I’m a mom to two cute ass kids. Married to MySpace crush. I love ideas and ambition and feel so grateful to have found my calling as a spiritual success coach for women who are ready to go big in their lives!

How did you come up with the name Free Spirited Boss Babe? 

A few years ago I felt the call to transition my work from fitness to really sharing more of my free-spirited nature. I wanted to create a brand women would want to embody themselves. I believe everyone has a little free-spirit in them and I want to be a mirror for that piece of them. I wanted something that embodied freedom of mind, body, spirit and business! And the Free-Spirited Boss Babe brand was born!

As an entrepreneur how do you ‘balance’ it all?

This is a hard one. It’s definitely taken me a lot of trial and error over the last six years of working for myself and growing babies. There will always be things that come up and throw a wrench in our plans, but having time set aside for each project and aspect of my life and business really helps. There are certain days I only create content. Certain days I see clients. Certain days I’m just MOM. I find it helps me be fully present in what role I’m showing up in that day.

What’s one piece of advice you have for any Mom out there interested in entrepreneurship?

Give yourself permission to dream! It’s ok to want to be a great mother and to have dreams that span outside of the home. If it is a desire of yours, know that it is a gift to your children to see their mom pursuing her dreams. I think as moms in today’s society we feel guilty if we aren’t constantly playing with blocks or reading books or planning back to back play dates. But our children sense our happiness. They are so intuitive. So whatever you desire, go for it. They need to see you living out your dreams!

What’s your favorite thing about being a mom? 

Wow this is a hard one! I think it’s the perspective children bring us. The pride. The sense of wonder. The opportunity they give us to heal our childhood wounds so we can give them better. It is so deeply fulfilling. And hard. But so worth it.

What’s your least favorite or something you struggle with being a mom? 

Patience. Noise. I grew up as an only child and thrive on stillness. So it’s a fine balance finding ways to fill my tank. So I ask for help. I go to yoga often and try to get away for a weekend every few months just to savor the silence.

What’s your favorite way to be a Selfish Mom? (Practice self care)

I love to indulge in a good book, and honor my needs. It wasn’t always easy to ask for the time for myself. But I know with every fiber of my being that I can show up more powerfully for my children when I have the time for myself. So I see it as a gift to them to give myself the time to recharge.

How do you keep your marriage spicy?

You know what? With one kid I neglected my marriage and could focus on my cute little baby. Then we had a second and all of a sudden I found this new found love for sneaking away with my husband. We try to go on a few date nights a month, make it a point to try to get busy at random times throughout the day, and oh! See them as new. We can get so used to having them around that we take for granted and forget just how sexy their smile is, how much we love their laid back spirit, so I find it spices things up to look at my husband through the eyes of someone who is just now seeing him. Meow!!

What’s One piece of advice you would give a new mom.

The days are long, but the years are short. Truly. Take it one day at a time. Be honest about needing help. Accept help. Make time for yourself.

Tell us about anything amazing you have coming up!

I am so excited to continue the work I do helping moms and women everywhere step into who they are here to be. And to stand firm in that! I’m really excited about the upcoming sessions I will be offering for quick Soul Sister Coaching sessions. I will have 11 sessions available for new women monthly to get crazy clarity on a 20 minute spiritual strategy call. She will walk away with the tools and confidence she needs to navigate a current situation, struggle, or idea. All proceeds will be donated to different monthly charities and non profits who are doing good work in the world. So it’s a win-win-win for all and we raise the vibration of the world together!