This duo of spiritual ladies is bringing so much inspiration to my life right now I knew I had to feature them this month as a #MOMCRUSH. Whitney (one of the creators of Homgirls) and I met back in October through yoga teacher training. These mommas are finding the best of the best products, experiences, practices and then SHARING them with the rest of the world. Their passion for self care makes my little heart flutter and I can not wait to for y’all to read their interview and then stalk them on IG for all the goodies they discover…

Tell us a little about about yourselves…
Stacey- I moved with my family to Dallas 4 years ago from NYC and I really love it here in Texas. I am a devoted wife, a mother of 3 daughters, a lover of all things meditation and yoga related and a serial traveler.

Whitney – I have been in Dallas for a decade. Does that make me a Texan? I am a single mom to two lovely little women. I love all things health and wellness. I have an obsession with yoga, meditation, fitness, music, sushi and travel. Give me a good book and a long plane ride and I am happy.

You two seem like great friends, tell us the story of how you met. 
Our oldest daughters are in the same class at Hockaday and we met when school started 2 years ago. There are some people you meet and feel like you have known them your entire life. You just get them and your life feels better because of them. This is how we would describe our friendship and partnership. It is deep rooted and nourished with love. We are our most authentic selves with each other and have each other’s back.  Homgirls is our way of sharing that connection with others.

How did HomGirls get started?
We have been sharing our self-care and wellness practices with each other for a while and felt ourselves wanting a larger community of people with similar interests. We decided to start Homgirls on Instagram hoping to curate the very best places, products and experiences in health and wellness around Dallas (and beyond) and share them with a very special and like-minded community. Homgirls is a collection of what inspires us spirutally and has conversely filled us up with incredible ideas, content and individuals.

When it comes to spiritual self care what do you think most moms are missing? Why?
Consistent, uninterrupted alone time each day to grow with their personal practices. Whether it be journaling, prayer, yoga, meditation, reading, and the list goes on, quiet time is necessary to expand your heart and mind. 20 minutes 2 times per day is the right amount of time to decompress, ground and connect to yourself and the life around you in a powerful way.

You all read a lot of self-care books and listen to inspirational podcasts,  what are some of your favorites? 
We love Wisdoms of Sundays. It is like the bible to us. We open this everyday and are always blown away by how perfectly the message lands for us. It is medicine for the soul. As far as a podcast, Dr. Brene Brown – The Anatomy of Truth on Super Soul. If you haven’t listened stop everything you are doing and start it now. It is so powerful for you, your kids and and the well-being of all of your relationships.

You ladies share some amazing products on instagram, What is one product that every Mom should own?
A tea you love that warms your body and sets the mood for calm – we are loving the Aveda Tea. A journal  that holds your thoughts, prayers, intentions and gratitude lists- we are using The 5 minute journal.

What is your favorite thing about motherhood? 
Stacey – The times when we are really present and we see the difference we are making on our little girls and on ourselves by genuinely connecting. They have shown us how to shut off the outside world and be in the moment.

Whitney – The one on one time I am able to spend with each of my girls. I love having the opportunity to view the world through their innocent eyes by hearing their stories and thoughts on their day. I also love the cuddles. The unconditional love that you feel from mother to child is an energy and electricity that cannot be duplicated.

What is your least favorite thing or something that you find a struggle with being a mom? 
We want to be able to do everything for and with them. We have to remind myself often to slow down. It is not always about the next activity, but the quality of the time we are able to spend together.

What is your favorite way to be ‘Selfish’ or practice self care by putting yourself first?

20 minutes twice a day. Our weekly intentions really set the tone for us. We share these every Sunday with our followers and we work on these throughout the week. We are committed to growing our practices and our partnership. We are committed to having vulnerable conversations, pushing outside our comfort zone, trying new things often and being intetional with our connection with the world around us.  We also find time daily to work on our physical practice whether it is yoga or a high energy class at SoulCycle it is important to break a sweat, zone out and have some fun.

What’s next for you lovely ladies?! Anything exciting coming up with Homgirls?
We have an event coming up on May 19th making crystal kits with our friends at Love and Intention. We have so much planned for the fall including an astrology event with our good friend Britten at Working with Your Wheel. We are so excited to continue to share our finds with this self-loving community!

If your looking for fun, light and lots of inspiration go follow these amazing ladies on IG at @homgirls


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