So excited to interview this amazing Momma today, Shay Shull!

I was recently introduced to her blog, Mix and Match Mama and I can totally confirm that on that day I got absolutely nothing accomplished because got lost in it for hours. Yes hours, its that good! She is absolutely amazing and super inspiring. Like a true fan girl I knew I had to share this special lady with my Selfish Mom Project people.

Here is Shay’s interview!

Tell us a little about yourself….

I am a mom to four kiddos and have been married to my very favorite person ever for 15 years.  We live just north of Dallas in McKinney, TX (which is a pretty magical little town!).  I started blogging almost 12 years ago and from that, have spun off 6 cookbooks and launched my own travel agency 7 years ago.  Between kids, writing recipes and planning travel, I keep myself busy every day.

How did you get started blogging?

I was working in a job that I didn’t love and needed a creative outlet.  My degree is in journalism and I’ve always enjoyed writing, so I started a blog.  It’s always been a hodgepodge mix about myself.  Things I love to eat, places I love to shop, books I love to read and where I love to travel.  Over the years, it has morphed into this amazing place where I get to share my love of travel, food, fashion, books entertaining, organization, family life, adoption and so much more.  It’s really exceeded all of my wildest dreams.

You are the author of multiple cookbooks and always sharing amazing recipes on your blog, do your kids eat all of those amazing meals? If so share with us mother’s of picky eaters how you work this miracle.

They do!  I only make what we eat (and then photograph it really quickly before we sit down).  My kids are totally normal kids who have their favorite things and their not so favorite things to eat. One kiddo loves chicken and another one loves beef…so, you really can’t please both of them on the same night, but they’ve learned to eat what I’ve made because…that’s their only choice!  I really do try and only make recipes that I know my family will enjoy, but some nights, one of them will just not be feeling it, but that’s what’s for dinner, so that’s what they eat.  I don’t want mealtime to be stressful, so I try to keep that in mind when I’m preparing dinner.  I want them all to eat and be happy.

What is your favorite thing to cook?

Well, I love to bake seasonal desserts because it always puts me in the mood for whatever holiday is approaching, but for dinner, I love making pastas the most because that’s my favorite type of entree!

We love reading your monthly book reviews, What is one book you think every Mom should read?

Oh!  That’s a good question! I would love for every mom to read Forever Mom by Mary Ostyn.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

I love my family.  I have never felt more complete than now with my husband and kiddos.  I love how we are a team…we’re each other’s “people”.  That sense of family unity never gets old to me.  I also love all the cuddles, snuggles and kisses too.

What is a struggle/or least favorite part about being a mom?

I don’t know if I necessarily have a least favorite part, but there is always this struggle to balance time.  When you have a lot of kids, you really have to carve out special, individual time for each of them.  I certainly don’t want any of them to get lost in the shuffle.

What is your favorite way to be ‘Selfish’ or practice self care?

Reading!  I love reading books!  I also love going for a walk by myself. Could I take a kid?  Yes.  Could I take a dog?  Yes.  Do I sometimes?  Yes.  But do I sometimes just love getting out by myself and enjoying the quiet?  Absolutely!

You have been very transparent on your journey with infertility and adoption. What something you would say to other mom’s going through a similar scenario?

I couldn’t have made it through without my faith.  There were many days when I didn’t know how Plan A or Plan B would ever work…but I relied on the Lord to create a Plan C that was beyond my wildest dreams.  Faith is the cornerstone of my life.

Are you working on any fun future projects we should be excited about this summer?

Lots of vacation planning!  My travel agency is bustling now with so many trips for this year and next! It’s so much fun to sit down and help people create vacations of their dreams every single day.


You can find Shay on her blog HERE or on Instagram @mixandmatchmama

Link to Shay’s Cookbooks are below!!

Thank you always for reading!



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