I love my kiddos but winter break is LONG. My oldest still doesn’t go back until the 10th!

So far we have gone to the Perot Museum, American girl, the mall, target, Pump it Up, had play dates, gone to the park, the zoo, had a couple camp days, and watched countless movies snuggled up in bed.

I’m tired.

The laundry just continues to pile up.

The house, omgosh the house is a disaster. Somewhere under the laundry and piles of toys I remember there being really pretty hand scraped hardwood floors.

Our schedules are off meaning no one is sleeping through the night.

My work load is almost as high as my laundry pile.

Studying has hardly happened because I have lots of helpers, with even more questions.

Did I mention I’m soooooo tired?

I think all moms of young kids struggle with these feelings right? Please don’t tell me I’m alone. The days where you want to lock yourself in your room, scroll pinterest, maybe check your emails and get them under 197, and maybe close your eyes for like just five minutes… but then they find you…They always find you.

I almost feel bad writing this post. Like as mom we are supposed to enjoy every single second of motherhood. I’m a mom. Its the most special job God gives to just a few of us. ‘The Choosen’ ones of motherhood, but today I want lock myself in my room and not come into work today. I’ll even take a cut in pay to just not come in. Can we do that?

So many people, often those with children who are older and out of the house, say, “One day you will miss those little dirty sticky hands.” “You’ll wish you had someone that slept on your face and only gave you one nostril to breathe out of.”

I know I will miss those days!!! I’ll probably miss them next Wednesday when they are both in school and my house is quiet!! Sometimes I miss them when they go to bed at night. I KNOW I will miss them! But What I really want is that older person or anyone to hug me, tell me its okay I can do this, and hand me a glass of wine, Oh and maybe tell me I’m pretty because everyone wants to hear that.  THATS WHAT MOMMA NEEDS RIGHT NOW. Thats what could make me a better mom today.

So cheers to the mom who loves her kids more than life itself, would do ANYTHING for them, but is barely hanging on to her own sanity over winter break. I hear you, I see you, I’m sending you a big ol’ virtual hug and cheers. This to shall pass mommas. And of course one day we will miss this. <3