Exactly one year ago this week I started this blog.

A couple days after I found out I was pregnant with Maximus.

When I started this blog I had huge passion for building my business into something really huge. Days after finding out I was pregnant I literally cried myself to sleep. We were finally going to have all our kids in school and it was going to be MY time to shine professionally. To start all over with a baby was not in OUR plan. It was however in God’s plan and we all know thats the better plan. It took awhile, I won’t lie, but I finally came around to the idea of another baby, eventually became excited, and now here he is. My sweet little boy is officially four months.

The last month was a big one. We discovered the Merlin Magic Sleep Suite and although I’m not sure how magic is it, Max has been taking solid morning naps allowing Mommy to actually get some work done. Night time sleep is getting better but he’s still waking up in the middle of the night at least once.

He loves:

His family, eating his hands, watching Mommy workout, mirrors, bath time, the song A Thousand Years (lol), tummy time, and when Mommy says the word ‘WHAT!’

He Hates:

Target, the car (that will be fun on our 10 hour road trip next week!), red lights, having to wait for anything longer than 30 seconds and baby food (we just started giving him some taste so I’m thinking this will change soon.

He is such a blessing in our life. Sophia and Jay are so excited for his first Christmas. I’m pretty sure they are going to be disappointed when they realize he’s too young to get it.

2017 Might not have been the year I imagined and for that I am so thankful because I wouldn’t want to live a day with out this sweet boy. Thank you God for giving us the last four months with this sweet boy.


Rachael Tapper