Where does the time go? I swear a minute ago he was a scrunched up old man looking little baby and now here he is. FIVE MONTHS. I’m pretty sure I’ll say that every month because eight years later I still say it about Sophia.

Max went on his first real vacation this month and lets just say I’m still exhausted and needing sleep. Someone is pretty particular on where they sleep and refused to sleep in the pack and play. Instead he chose to sleep on top of me for 8 nights straight. By the end of vacation I wasn’t sure if my body hurt from skiing or because I had only slept in one position the entire time.

Each month I notice more and more how much he is turning into this little person. His personality is starting to take shape and he’s reached some big milestones! This month he learned to roll from back to tummy and discovered his toes and making bubbles with his mouth. His laugh comes from deep in his tummy and if you can get it out of him it will literally make anyone melt. Baby food he is starting to like more! He loves sweet potatoes and most of the veggies (except peas lol) he’s tried, but he isn’t sure about fruits. Our nanny got him to eat some banana but thats about it. He is still very serious most of the time and getting easier and more fun by the day. Except with sleep. Sleep is still not happening. Finding a routine that fits our family has been hard but I think we are finally getting that down, now just to keep it consistent. We currently think he is getting about four teeth so that could be part of it.

Max Loves:

His brother and sister, his toes, rolling every where, midnight feedings, putting anything and everything in his mouth, blowing bubbles, watching mommy workout, sweet potatoes.

Max Hates:

Being contained for two long, still having to wait for anything longer than 30 seconds, sleeping through the night, fruit baby food (I’m actually shocked about this!)

Maximus, thank you for giving us another month of wet kisses, late nights, and lots of laughs. Your family loves you so much.