Our sweet Max is one month closer to the big UNO!

This busy little guy has had quiet the month! He is on the move and has no intention of ever slowing down. He currently pulls up, cruises, and crawls faster than I would like.

Nothing in the house is safe and although he has a big basket filled with baby friendly and appropriate toys, he still prefers trying to get a hold of anything he can that is not baby friendly. Super annoying.

The days of popping him on your hip and going from place to place is no more. He now squirms till you have to put him down and he weighs almost 20 lbs and most days my arms physically hurt lol.

New Tricks:

Max has graduated from his army crawl and is officially up on all fours. He still does the army crawl when he’s trying to get somewhere fast, he’s pretty speedy! He’s also pulling up and cruising around any where he can. He officially said his first word! I about died with excitement as it was: Mom <3 Since then he has new words like: dad, dog, and down.


Max still is an iffy sleeper. He still wakes up at least once a night or he wakes up for the day between 4-6am. It makes for a very exhausted mommy and daddy. Nap schedules are either non-existent or random. I’m trying hard to work on this but with our nanny’s schedule and two busy big kids its hard to make happen.


Max love to eat all the food! He will pretty much try anything. He’s obsessed with his big siblings. If they are around he just wants to be with them and do everything they do. He doesn’t understand the concept that they are big and he is small. Thankfully they are just as obsessed with him.


Max dislikes being held for to long or being confined to anything, the kid always has to be moving. Being told no. Taking naps longer than 45 minutes.

This kid is truly the happiest kid. His smile is infectious and to say we are madly in love with him would be an understatement.

Picture Drop below!

Thank you for sharing our wonderful journey with sweet Max!