Happy 8 Months to our Max! If your looking for the post of Max’s 7 months you will not find it. Bad Mom over here let life get in the way and honestly I just didn’t get around to it.

Month eight has been a big one for Maximus!


I think (knock on wood!) we have finally hit a sleeping regimen I can work with. My husband took the big kids camping for the weekend and I decided to sleep train (again). Just like with all the other kids…I poured a glass (or three) each night and shut both our bedroom doors to sleep. Next thing I knew I could hear him playing in his bed and it was 6 am! HUGE win. We currently have him going down between 7-8pm and he will sleep till about 6 am with out waking up. This has happened for a week. I’m not super confident in it yet and would love for him to sleep later but baby steps. This momma is feeling a little more rested.


We officially have an army crawler on our hands! He is EVERYWHERE! I forgot how fast they go from scooting around to full on “Oh Shit I lost the baby.” The days of sit here while I go to the bathroom are gone. He never wants to sit anywhere. Just move, move, move. I was joking with someone the other day that I wanted to put a bell on him because he is so fast! He almost has his belly off the ground but it certainly isn’t slowing him down at all.

Teeth & Eating:

A couple months ago we got our two bottom teeth making me feel a lot more comfortable about continuing baby led weaning. In the last week and half we just got in one top front tooth and I can see the other has almost popped through. His smile is just the cutest with those little roofers. I’ve had lots of questions about baby led weaning so stay tuned in the coming weeks and I’ll write about how we did it.

Likes & Dislikes:

Max loves: stroller rides, talking and saying new sounds (no words yet!), his new dog Ollie (!), gelato, swinging outside, crawling, the volume knob on the stereo, all remotes & cell phones, and anything with in reach to put in his mouth.

Max dislikes: Nap time, although we are doing better at night…nap times are still pretty random. He hates being still and the cuddles can be hard to get some days. Anything that contains Max to one spot he pretty much hates.

Picture Drop of Max below. I’ve been taking an fun (free!) little online photography course over the last couple weeks to learn more about how to use my amazing camera I got for Christmas, so I’ve been forcing my kids into photoshoots.