We have a SIX MONTH OLD! I know I say it every month but really its passing so fast.

Max is a rolling machine! He rolls everywhere to get where he thinks he needs to go. You put him down in one place, walk away, and come back and he’s not there. He tries so hard to get his little knees underneath him. So much so that he has little rug burns on his poor little knees. He also loves to do downward dog in his crib in the middle of the night. Maybe this is from all the yoga I did when I was pregnant with him.

He still hasn’t mastered sitting up, he’s a little wobbly. Nor has he mastered sleeping of any kind. He did manage to get two teeth finally pop through.


His dog, eating big kid food (we are working on baby led weaning), rolling all over the place, his bouncy seat, his family, stroller walks, his sweet nanny Lettie, trying to grab anything in mom’s hand, snapchat and IG stories,  and his favorite toy is a stuffed carrot.

Max Hates:

Sleeping, red lights, being put in a carseat if he’s not wanting to go, waiting more than five seconds for a bottle, and getting his diaper changed if he’s in the mood to roll more.

Picture drop of Max at 6 Months <3img_1423img_1550img_1484img_1584img_1471img_1381img_1437img_1511img_1274img_1561

As always Thanks for reading <3