Our precious boy is 11 Months! Each day feels like it is flying by. I go through stages where I’m so curious for him to grow more and see his sweet personality grow and still wanting his to stay a baby a little while longer since he’s the last one.

But as time does, it moves and here he is 11 months old! I think in the last couple weeks his personality has really blossomed. We have found he is very smart (notices everything), very silly, and a little sneaky and naughty, which I love. His new favorite thing is too play in the toilet and then when he gets caught yell, “Yuck!” Its hilariously cute. He is determined in almost everything he does except walking which he has no interests in doing yet (only a couple steps here and there). His sweet blue eyes shine and he almost always has a smile on his face. He’s crazy about his family.

This month he got to go on his THIRD road trip (and was a champ) to visit his great grandparents in Missouri. Even though he was sick he still loved the short trip and I loved watching my grandparents love on another generation. How special that my kids have two sets of great-grandparents and a great-grandma (in Italy)?

I feel like we are finally starting to enter the busy-fun stage of having a baby and its hard to believe that next month we will be celebrating his first birthday! Still coming up with the theme and what we will do but I love planning birthday parties so I know it will be amazing and special.

Thanks for sharing the journey of Max with us. <3