This might be a miracle…I’m only a day late in posting Max’s monthly update. Life is crazy sometimes with three kiddos and posting updates on time has been a challenge. What is not a challenge is our sweet Maximus.

This kid is the happiest, easiest baby right now, as long as he naps, lol. Seriously though this kid is so happy. He smiles all the time. People stop us daily to interact with him and call me biased, I don’t care, that perfectly shaped head and bright eyes are the cutest darn thing I have ever seen in my life.


Every month I’m hoping to tell you that this magical thing has happened and Max is the best sleeper in the entire world. Unfortunately that is not this month. Has it gotten better? Yes but it’s been horrible. Just in the last couple days have we started establishing a more strict schedule with Max. Two naps at the same time, food – at the same time, and bath/bed at the same time. This is certainly not easy with two big kids running around like crazy monkeys. I have faith that someday Max will sleep all night and wake up laughing in this bed at 7 am.


Still no walking. I feel extremely relieved by this. I’m just not ready. Part of me gets excited about it and think how amazing it would be to not carry him everywhere but the seasoned mom in me knows how much harder this job gets when your chasing after that cute little person that wants to get into everything. He’s still a crawling, cruising machine and recently found he can stand on his own for about two seconds and crawl up the stairs, which terrifies the crap out of me, lol.


Max is pretty much obsessed now with his siblings. If they are in the room you are basically non-existent. If they laugh at him he thinks its the greatest thing life has done yet and will do whatever it is over and over. He’s going to be silly just like them.

He loves the pool! We got him a little float thing and he loves just floating around. I’m so thankful for this since this is how we spend most of our days in the summer and he can be such a big part of that.

Max also loves all the food. He’s our chunk. At 20+ pound at 10 months and eats pretty much everything we put in front of him EXCEPT ice cream. No clue why but this kid hates anything super cold. He currently 6 teeth and 2 more that have almost broke through!

10 Month Picture Drop of our sweet Maximus