I have been a reading machine the last month and finished my third book! I really hope you guys like reading my book reviews because at this rate there will probably be one a week. I’ve picked up so many good books recently that I literally have to make myself stop reading them! Love finding myself nestled in a cozy spot with a book that is life changing…this book was LIGHT changing.

The basis of this book is finding your inner light. Whatever that may be. The thing that lights you up. That fuels you and makes you want to get up every morning. The thing that you can do and get so lost in that hours go by and you can no longer feel your toes because you’ve been working so hard at it. The light so deep its no longer in your heart but your soul. The part of you that was born to shine.

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For some of us, me especially, I’ve been dreaming/praying about this light for a long time. I think deep down I knew what it was but of course as it often does in life our two friends “the Ego” and “Fear” step in help you self sabotage your own success in finding this light. We sit still with the same job because its easier and continues to pay the bills (even though we might not be happy) and continue to fight turning on that light because its scary. What will people think? Will they want the services I have to offer? Will they buy my product? Will they think I’m weird/crazy/pathetic if I try something new? We fear the worst case scenario if we take a chance, not realizing that you might actually already be in it!

“Don’t Dance around the perimeter of the person you want to be.” – Gabrielle Bernstein

The world I have been living in the last couple years to me was a competitive zone. I’m a person who thrives on praise and affirmations (its one of my big love languages!) and I love winning, for a while it really was the perfect world. Then it started over taking my life and each month I found myself fighting to be at the top. I never made it as far or high as I wanted to even though I worked my tail off and was doing an amazing job and worse off my loved ones were the ones I found suffering. My passion for what I did, helping others get healthy, truly was my passion (and still is!) but the nuts and bolts behind it were holding me back from truly shinning my light the way God intended it to shine.  I feared letting others down, loosing friends, my customers, but in the end I knew I had so many gifts to offer to not only them but many more people out there.  My light was on but it was so dim because I was too busy trying to hit numbers and winning that it wasn’t able to be as BRIGHT as I knew it could and wanted to be. Most importantly it wasn’t in its most authentic form.

Rebecca Campbell, author of Light is the New Black showed me there is nothing wrong with not only finding my bright light but letting it shine shine shine. She walks you through a practice of Light Sourcing, Meditations (even a meditation on finding your Inner Guides – if you get the opportunity – DO this meditation! It was amazing!), Mantras, and even opportunities to explore yourself and your soul’s calling through Work Your Light exercises at the end of each chapter. I love books like this that allow you to immediately implement what you have read through journaling, so if you do decide to get this book or any of the books I recommend PLEASE journal your way through all of them.

Each person on this planet has a calling in their soul. A reason you were put on this planet. We are wasting life if we don’t allow that light our light to shine as bright as possible. Before I opened this book I knew I was being called to do something big. We all are. What I wasn’t doing was listening to what my soul had to say. I was looking for signs and synchronicity that was surrounding me but not taking action in what they were showing me. This book is perfect for any modern woman looking for her light and finding a way to let it shine. <3

(To purchase this book click HERE. This is an affiliate link where I receive a very small portion of the sales however any an all reviews I do for books are on my own free will because I love them.)

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