Looking for a community of like minded moms to connect too?

Yeah! I’ve got the perfect place for you in the Selfish Mom Project Facebook group. Join thousands of moms who are also in the thick of motherhood trying to make it to bedtime. The community is free and we would love to have you!

The Selfish Mom Project

My Mission: to help other mom’s connect the mind, body, and soul to a happier, healthier YOU! By taking time each day to be ‘selfish’ your able to be a better mom and wife. 

Sometimes as mom’s we loose a little (or maybe sometimes a BIG) piece of our identity when we have kids. Our hearts our overwhelmed with love for these tiny humans that we put our selves on the back burner for a later date. This can leave us feeling resentful, empty, with an identity crisis and even postpartum depression

This is why I started the Selfish Mom Project! Its the opportunity to be a little selfish, find our identity, fill our cups so we are able be better wives and mothers. We often get stuck in a mindset that makes this reality seem far away and has a great impact on our health, family life, spiritual life, and professional life. Over the last three years I have worked with hundreds of moms to not only change the health and fitness aspect of their life but their mindset as well. I’ve created a system that not only works but will have you waking up each day with gratitude, love for yourself, and the urge to make healthier choices.

My work is rooted through spirituality, self care, fitness & nutrition, and daily rituals that will ignite whats already there but you are currently not seeing as a mom.

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