I get asked almost daily what I’m reading. I’m a huge lover of books and love sharing the titles that mean the most to me that I’ve decided to start my first ever Selfish Mom Project (virtual) book club!

I’m a huge reader but not your normal reader. As a mom I don’t have days where I can just binge read (putting this on my list though to do one day!). So I’ve made the conscience decision over the years to only read books that make me feel good and a better person when I’m done reading them. No this is not just sitting in the help section area! I read all kinds of books but I make sure that if I’m reading them they are serving me in the best way possible.

Now I’m inviting your to join me on my journey through books!

Each month I will send a link and post on this super awesome blog the book we will be reading for the month (wanna just get the emails? Click HERE and they come straight to your inbox!) All that is required of you is to purchase the book from that link and make sure you are a member of the Selfish Mom Movement. In the Selfish Mom FB group I will post a link monthly where we will meet face to face as a group and discuss the book of the month.

Fun right? Can you read my excitement on this project?! I know life gets busy but I’m true believer that just fitting in ten minutes of reading a good book a day has been a huge impact on my day to day life in a positive way.