Happy Monday!

Monday is my favorite day of the week. Kids go back to school so theres a couple hours of quiet time. Its like a new page is turned. Last week is history, and TODAY – Monday, those are for fresh starts and the opportunity to make awesome things happen.

Monday has such a bad reputation but I think its never looked at with a positive light. Even the darkest of times a ray of light can be found. Its all about your mindset and how your perceive what your looking at.

So if your not as happy as I am about a Monday, try one of these awesome things and they are sure to bring a smile to your day <3

  • Buy a bath bomb and end your day with a nice hot bath
  • Find a good personal development book start reading! Some of my favorites are here: https://rachaeltapper.com/motivation/
  • Make a gratitude list of 5 -10 things your grateful for
  • Write a sweet note to a friend and send off
  • Complete a random act of kindness
  • Workout, get sweaty, and get those endorphins going
  • Smile at everyone you come in contact with, its contagious
  • Cook yourself an amazing meal for dinner
  • Go for a walk on your lunch break
  • Buy yourself flowers


Learn to love Monday, because it’s coming back again next week. <3