Thanksgiving day. Filled with Turkey, sides, stress, and family. All sounds great until your loaded up on all of them and can barely move, button your pants, and are super stressed am I right?

I’m right. I know I’m right because I spent many of years attempting to make the ‘perfect’ holiday and this year I’m just done. I have RELEASED the pressure. With most of our immediate family not local we made a deal this year to not take on more than we can handle. I bought a small seven pound turkey, a small ham, I’m making only sides our family will eat — and that’s it. Other years I found myself overwhelmed, so I decided this year to take out everything that would stress me and just do it my own way…

The Selfish Mom Way 🙂 So how do you have a Selfish Mom Thanksgiving? Here are some of my fav tips!

1. Paper Plates

Lord have mercy if my mother reads this because she would loose her mind on me but I’m sorry paper plates…use them. The dishes are going to pile up mommas. People are going to remember the heart and soul put into the food not the plate it was put on. Do yourself a favor, make your life a little bit easier and buy some paper plates. Actually I give you permission to buy them in bulk (there will be leftovers!). I would much rather eat my meal, watch the game, take my kids on a bike ride, roll around in the grass than worry about being resentful doing dishes all day/night. My time with my kids is precious and these are the moments they will remember at the age they are at not the plate I serve their food on. I honestly can not tell you one single plate I have eaten on in my life, but I do remember the food and the memories.

2. Stop trying to make it perfect

Chaos is beautiful. Embrace every single bit of it. My best memories growing up is a house full of cousins and chaos and randomness. Most days in my house are full of chaos so why would I expect this day to be any different. Yet still for some reason we do. Sure I could loose sleep over the fact that my kids still can’t master a meal time using silverware to eat or I could smile as I watch their chunking little fingers pick at the thanksgiving feast (I’ll be lucky if they even eat it!) I refuse to force perfection when really the perfection is all in the chaos.

3. Do Find Gratitude

A day of Thanksgiving and a theme of gratitude. We often find ourselves professing our 30 days of gratitude only in November but I ask you to reconsider. Gratitude should be expressed everyday. Not just on this day or this month but everyday. I have a gratitude journal that I write in DAILY not just for a designated month where I post on social media so everyone can see.

4. Move your body

Okay maybe do this one early before your belly gets loaded with mimosas and turkey and gravy (green bean casserole in my case). MOVE IT. In Texas we usually get lucky to have the sun a shining and a cool breeze making it the perfect weather for a bike ride with my sweet kiddos. If that’s not the case where you are I’m posting a little turkey detox workout that is sure to make you not only sweat but also your your metabolism flowing which I’m sure you’ll thank me for later. 🙂

5. Sneak away

The day is done. Or maybe even better you have your parents, grandparents whoever visiting your house. Grab them tell them how thankful you are for them and how your are going to go upstairs and draw a bath. Now pour a glass of wine, find a bath bomb, put on a face mask, whatever makes you feel good, and slip away. You can feel bad about leaving the crew or you can come back to that crew feeling less stressed and ready to build some memories. I find the holidays can be stressful. I also have found that if you tell those around you I need 20 minutes (especially if your a mom) they are more than understanding and actually able to help you get those minutes to decompress from your day. It can never hurt to ask, right?

To all my readers, I hope your day is filled with gratitude, peace and love. I’m truly GRATEFUL for all of you.