Let me start off this post by I could possibly be the worlds worst cook.

With a new baby I found us riding lots of take out food, going out to eat, making kids pasta and ramen noodles every night, or even worse me just not eating because the energy to come up with something new and a new baby was utterly exhausting. Let’s not even talk about the terror of taking three kids to the grocery store. Most trips I went in with a list only realizing I had nothing to actually cook or pack in lunches for the week. Frustrated and tired of the same old stuff I remember a friend on Facebook posting about a meal plan app she used for her family of seven and even better it had grocery list associated with it.

Consider me sold. Overwhelmed new mom of three I would do anything to make something easier and eat good food along with it.

I purchased the app called eMeals and I have yet to be disappointed! I usually choose three to four meals a week from different menu options. So far our favorite option is Quick and Healthy. All meals including cooking and prep are under 30 minutes and under 500 calories. We have tried new foods each night. I’ve felt a little fancy even cooking and they aren’t hard or complicated (two things I just don’t have time for these days. Most nights I’ve been able to cook these meals while baby wearing.

Even better (and more convenient) they can automatically link their grocery lists to instacart 🙌🏼 Can I get an amen! I didn’t even have to leave my dang house, groceries delivered to my door and I cooked my family delicious foods that were healthy and didn’t take me spending a ton of time in the kitchen missing precious moments from my family.

Some of my creations.

Now I can cook better, next goal is to learn to plate like a real chef

So what is EMeals?!

eMeals is the online meal planning solution. They offer a wide variety of lifestyle meal plans including Clean Eating, Paleo, Low Fat, Low Carb, Natural & Organic, Portion Control, Gluten Free, Classic, and Vegetarian meal plans. Like I said one of our favorites is the Quick & Healthy! Users can choose from 12-month subscription term at $58, 6-month subscription term at $35, or 3-month subscription term at $21. There is also even an option to add a lunch plan for an additional $4/month!

Why you should try it

Life should not be hard. Creating in the kitchen should be exciting and fun and not cause fires. Kids should try new foods and you deserve to feel fancy sometimes. If your interested in giving it a test CLICK HERE, and let me know your favorite recipe you cook up!



(This is an affiliate post…Please note that each purchase I will receive a small commission. I never work with a company that I don’t truly truly believe will make a difference in all Mom’s lives!)