I’ve had lots of new followers and new mommas added to the Selfish Mom Project on Facebook (if your a momma whose not in there get yo self in there right meow), and I have a huge project that I’m (hoping – fingers crossed) to launch at the end of June, that I wanted to come back in here and really start dedicating my time and telling you all who I am.

Before I’m anything else I’m Rachael Tapper. What you get with me is the Highlight REAL not the Highlight REEL. You can usually find me in yoga pants and hair loaded with dry shampoo.

After that, I’m a mom to three crazy little humans who I equally adore and equally they drive me insane. I’m married for eleven long, but glorious years to a man that has never required me to be anyone but myself as weird as that person sometimes is.

I recently became a yoga instructor at my favorite little studio in east Dallas, We Yogis -Lakewood. Shameless plug here; Come see me every Sunday at 2:30pm!

I’m a writer for a local magazine with a monthly Selfish Mom Project column. I LOVE TO WRITE.

I’m the creator and entrepreneur behind the Selfish Mom Project (more on this later).

I’m a lifestyle & wellness coach for moms all over the place looking for that spark that maybe used to be there but since motherhood showed up has gone missing. Head over to the ‘Let’s work Together’ tab to find out how to work with me.

I’m a believer that Self Care is gold, and faith is often what gets me through the day.

It’s never too late to start over, so here I am. Sharing who I am. Can’t wait to meet so many of you or working with you in the coming months!