I’ve been waiting for this picture to pop up all month. Today is officially the one year anniversary of my first Selfish Mom Project.

I honestly never thought my own little project would ever create the impact it has. I started the project because I was suffering with postpartum depression and anxiety and I thought maybe if I took everyone else out of the equation I could feel better.

Miraculously I did start feeling better. 🙌🏼 Over the next 60 days I documented my journey and shared it with the world and was blown away by the emails, comments, and support. I never realized the impact I was making or even the amount of moms also going through the same thing I was.

This picture was the start of not just a new life it was the start of MY LIFE. The part where I found my inspiration. My purpose. Myself again.

I’m ready to share my daily journey again with you all and so officially I’ll be starting a Selfish Mom Project again on November 1st! I encourage every mom out there to join me!

Join us by Being a member of the Selfish Mom Movement on fb! Then share your journey on social media using the hashtag #Selfishmomproject

If your needing more I’ll be working with 5 Moms one on one who need the extra push. Email me or comment below and let’s get in touch (tapperfitness@gmail.com)

I’m so excited! Every mom out there needs this and if you need and want the support I’m HERE! Whose ready for November 1st!?