Chaos. That’s the word I use to describe my current season.

If you follow me on social media you’ll see me posting about my second Selfish Mom Project daily. This go around the Selfish Mom Project is about a million times different than the first one I did. For starters I’ve got a better routine down. We aren’t struggling in the newborn stage and sleeping a tad better.

I’ve matured, I feel more legit most days and I’m focusing more on finding the special moments of life and slowing down rather than rushing everything to “get my selfish” time in.

Some days last year felt like a chore to post about my daily selfish rants and in what way I was selfish but this time around seems a bit easier more laid back and less stressful. I’ve found the fastest more effective way for me feel my best and take care of myself is by finding gratitude in everything or anything.

For two years I have journaled almost daily about gratitude. I find it crazy that the one thing I do daily I don’t talk about at all on social media or here. I have a million pictures of myself drinking coffee and all my cute coffee mugs, but how many of you knew that I have had a daily gratitude journal for two years? That must change. Because when we find gratitude even in the smallest of things, we find a new light that can help us shine, feel good, and somedays control the chaos.

It doesn’t have to be made complicated. I don’t need anymore complicated in my life and I really doubt you mommas out there do either am I right?

Find a notebook, a journal (Target always has them in the dollar bin section!) to get started. I do splurge on my journals because I love a pretty one. I just bought this one as a splurge at Kate Spade the other day and I can’t wait to start using it. I think for everyone finding gratitude is different. For me I need it first thing in the morning.

Coffee + Gratitude

Each page is dated and at the top I write “GRATITUDE FIVE” and list 5 things I’m grateful for. Somedays are easy. Some are hard, but everyday I know I’m starting my day with gratitude and for me that is an easy Selfish Mom Project move I can make happen daily.

Somedays being a mom is not my favorite, some days the chaos is so crazy that I’m not sure how I’m going to find my zen but the ability to open up a notebook and look back and see what I am grateful for now or in the past has been a huge blessing. Somedays, on the hard days, I need to be reminded how much I love and am grateful for those little heathen blessings that cause the chaos.

I hope each of you will make an effort to start your own gratitude journal.

And to show how grateful I am for all of you! I’ve decided to do my FIRST Selfish Mom Project GIVEAWAY! I will be picking two winners and gifting them an amazing Selfish Mom Project gift basket with my current obsessions and Selfish Mom Swag 🙂

Thank you always for reading. This blog is going to become my top priority because my goal is to reach the masses of moms and share my story and to help others.