Its been awhile but I know y’all love to hear about the books I read so I’m throwing a book review out at you today!

Like every other woman out  there I got my hands on the book Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. I’ll be 100% honest with you when I say I had absolutely no idea who this woman was before I bought this book. I bought it on the premise that it was suggested to me from numerous amounts of friends. I’m not even sure if half of them actually read it or they just thought I would like it, but I decided to go for it and at least if I didn’t like it the cover was pretty and it would my a nice addition to my crazy obsession with buying books and forgetting to read them.


That however was not the case. I could not stop reading this book. I try and get myself in a habit to read either one chapter or ten pages a day in a book. Small goals hit every day equals continuously fueling my brain with the good stuff. With this book though I found myself waking up to read and wanting just a little more before I went to bed and curling up with it anywhere I could in between. #obsessed

The idea behind the book is taking a head on look at the lies we tell ourselves and how to over come them. Rachel is honest, actually authentically honest, in the lies over the years she has told herself, the stories behind them and how she turn those lies into the reality of who she really is.

She speaks on struggles with marriage, love, adoption, drinking, mothering, business, and SO. MUCH. MORE and not just in the general sense but in real life – no B.S. fashion that’s straight up good clean fun.

As a Christian myself I loved the references to faith without the overwhelming need to throw it in your face, but to really just establish that we need this faith in literally every single aspect of life

Quick and amazing read, that will have you laughing, maybe cry but definitely relate too.

I always love giving y’all my reading list so if your interested in following along on my next read I’ll be diving straight into my next book <3

xoxo & happy reading