I got the amazing opportunity this week to partner up with two of my favorites, Whitney Stuart RDN and Unleavened Fresh Kitchen for an amazing and informative event here in Dallas!

First lets talk about the food! Y’all if you live in Dallas and are looking for affordable, quick, healthy, and OH so delicious meal for any time of day (yes! They serve breakfast, lunch AND dinner) you need to get yourself to Unleavened. Healthy fresh meals for any type of diet. They are getting ready to bust our their new spring menu adding new Warm Bowls and I’ve already picked out my favorite one. Perfectly balanced and ready to eat, but even if you aren’t they also have to go! Best and favorite part is kid (up to 12!) eat *FREE* 7 nights a week from 4-9pm. Your welcome! If you stop in make sure you tell them Selfish Mom Project sent you!

Not only did we get amazing food at this event but I got to finally meet the amazing Whitney Stuart with Whitness Nutrition. I could honestly write a months worth of blog posts about this amazing lady and you can definitely expect to hear more from her on here. I LOVE HER! She is so knowledgeable and takes something that is incredibly daunting – NUTRITION- and turns in to something so simple and easy – literally everyone can do this! Some of my favorite tips she gave us…

1. You can still have cupcakes – Just don’t keep them in the house! Save for social settings! Keep tempting foods out of the house.

2. Find other ways to provide self – care that doesn’t involve food or wine. Currently loving this and I swear I’m going to write an entire series of blog post about this topic because its so darn good!

3. Avoid carb based snacks and make the easy swaps with a little meal prepping each week and provide nutritional snacks as your only option.

4. The word snack is the devil in my house. How can my kid possibly be hungry for a snack or dessert right after he finished dinner? He can’t if the options are maybe something that doesn’t intrigue him as much. Whitney spoke about providing after dinner snacks that realistically WILL trick the brain that its full. Picture of some of her favs below and I’ve already loaded up my online cart with most of these and throwing OUT the goldfish, pirate booty, and pretzels we seem to consume nightly.

5. Swap out your words – I love love love this tip! Use words like: fuel, energy, fit, powerful, and brainpower to your kiddos and avoid words like: diet, calories, weight, and fat. I’m finding this especially important as a mom to a little girl. Our ability to show our children how to see their body in a positive image rather than negative is essential.

You can definitely expect more work with these two people as I’m taking my wellness journey to new heights and doing everything possible to keep myself healthy so that I’m around to bug and embarrass my kids forever.

Best way to get in touch with Whitney:

IG: @Whitnessnutrition

Email: whitney@whitnessnutrition.com

Have an amazing food experience at Unleavened Fresh Kitchens two amazing locations here in Dallas!